Taking a Bit of a “Break” Today From Blogging Today… (August 15, 2019)

Hey blog readers! My blog site has gotten quite a lot of action in the past couple of months, thanks all of you for stopping by! Recaps of trivia tournaments always seem to get a lot of “hits.” I’m actually glad the tourneys are over for a while…sometimes they are a bit too intense for me. You look around the room and see lots of grim – and grimacing faces. When you’re on the outside looking in at a trivia tournament, it really doesn’t look like a very good time! So much pressure, so much money on the line, so much competition (yes I love being thrust into the madness of it all – I really do)!


Me and my team at the finals April 27 trying (probably unsuccessfully) to come up with the correct answer…

The regular season trivia games are a lot more fun! I had a pretty good time with Mike and Evan last night at The Owl. Apparently quite a lot of White Claw hard seltzers were consumed by a bunch of white guys on a Northern Wisconsin cabin trip last week (with liquor shots interspersed with “The Claw”)! Who says only white girls like hard seltzers? Not these white guys!

Other than this post, I’m taking it a bit “easy” on the blogs today. No, I don’t have a fever, and I’m feeling just fine (in fact I was singing show tunes while doing the dishes earlier, that should tell you I’m in a pretty good mood, LOL). What did I sing? On This Night of a Thousand Stars from Evita (thanks for asking)! Here are some lyrics:

I never dreamed that a kiss could be as sweet as this
But now I know that it can
I used to wander alone without a love of my own
I was a desperate man
But all my grief disappeared and all the sorrow I’d feared
Wasn’t there anymore
On that magical day when you first came my way
Mi amor


Speaking of singing, when we had a trivia question involving Bette Davis last night, my husband told me to leave the room so I wouldn’t start singing the song and giving away the answer (clearly he knows me too well)!

Looking ahead to next week, I have FOUR potential trivia games planned! Monday at Sticks. Thursday I have a “girl date” for Face the Music with Kim followed immediately by a Sporcle game at Sticks with Mike and Evan and Sunday I “might” be playing in a ’90s music theme night with Kim. ’90s music is really more “her” thing than mine, I’m a bit older and am more of an “’80s girl!” But I said if she has no better people coming forward and playing with her, that yes, of course I’ll come out!

One of my teammates messaged me earlier asking if there was any trivia going on tonight since he’s free. And I told him “no.” Yes, I really have come a long way with my trivia addiction, haven’t I? Instead, we’re just meeting him for an early happy hour at a local watering hole. On that note…I’ll sign off!


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