Well Played, BK! Impossible Burger Review…

Stopped into Burger King today to try their take on the Impossible Burger. I’ve already tried it at White Castle (fail) and a local Ypsilanti, MI restaurant called Sidetrack. My husband has tried the Impossible tacos at Qdoba, though I haven’t tried those myself.

I used to be a vegetarian, up until maybe about 11-12 years ago. I’ve had more “veggie burgers” that resemble and taste about as good as hockey pucks as you can imagine! The Impossible Burger seems to get the “burger” thing right – in terms of taste – and especially texture. It feels like meat in the mouth (I know I just walked into a dirty joke, don’t bother pointing it out)!

Even when I stopped being a vegetarian, I still haven’t gone back to eating “red” meat. I can’t even honestly say why, I guess it’s just not my thing. Or maybe it was eating that rare burger when I was a kid that traumatized me (I ordered it well done). I can’t say why, but beef and pork just aren’t things I eat. Hey – plenty of meat lovers won’t touch a vegetable with a 10-foot pole (sounds like a Ron Swanson thing), so it’s OK for us to have foods we won’t eat, isn’t it?


I can’t remember the last time I ate a Whopper made with beef – but if I had to guess, I would say 1991 – or 1992. Today, I ordered my “Impossible Whopper” the exact way I used to order the “meat” Whoppers – with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and cheese. No ketchup (gross), no onions, no mustard. I don’t dislike mustard, I’m just not a “yellow mustard” fan (I’ve been spoiled by the grainy brown mustards, so I guess I’ve become a “mustard snob.”)

Behold the Impossible Whopper! Purchased at an Ypsilanti, MI Burger King on Michigan Avenue:



What would Jules in Pulp Fiction say?
Nice to have another option besides yet another chicken sandwich for my “picky” tastes! It’s all fine and good until it’s revealed that Impossible Burgers are (gasp) made of people (JK)!


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