(REVISED August 15, 2019) Godfather Fan Fiction?

Today I learned that “spaghetto” is the word for a single spaghetti noodle. You can read more about that in this blog.

As is common with my weird brain, learning that fact quickly took on a life of its own! I started thinking about how “Spaghetto” could also be the name of Vito Corleone’s long lost son – maybe a child he fathered (illegitimately) in Sicily.


You’ll learn more about this kiss in a bit! Vito Corleone kisses Don Ciccio…

In The Godfather Part II, we get to see a young Vito Corleone in his early 20s come to Sicily with his wife and children – Santino (Sonny), Michael, Fredo and Constanzia (Connie). I almost forgot to include Connie! But that really isn’t surprising. Being a girl born into a Mafia family has got to…suck. You have no power, your best bet is to marry some goomba who doesn’t cheat on you too much – or give you black eyes too often. Sadly, Connie didn’t have such good luck in that regard…


Connie Corleone, in a moment of marital bliss…

Back to my lame attempt at Godfather fan fiction, shall we? In “my” side story, Vito manages to sneak out for a romp with a Sicilian whore, who winds up getting pregnant with Vito’s child. And since this is…Sicily, the kid grows up with standard Sicilian values – vendettas, violence, thuggery, womanizing, brutality and eating lots and lots of pasta.

Did I mention “vendetta?” Which means “blood feud?”  Well, turns out a young Vito’s father wound up getting “whacked” by a Mafia boss named Don Ciccio when Vito was only 10 or 11. Vito’s older brother Paolo swore revenge, and was himself…whacked. And his mother tries to knife him and she gets whacked too. Don Ciccio clearly should have tried harder to have young Vito whacked as well (hello, loose ends), but he didn’t, and well… Vito gets smuggled out of the country in the dead of night and goes to America.

Did Vito forget all about this when he came to the United States as an orphan on an immigrant ship? Bygones be bygones? Turn the other cheek? Bury the hatchet? What do YOU think? I think we can all figure out why Vito returns to Sicily!

What about “Spaghetto?” He’ll eventually have to leave Sicily and come to the States to settle whatever “vendetta” he has with Vito Corleone! Maybe he’ll just ask to be part of the family, but a much more interesting plot will have him be a seething, sexy Italian pot of revenge! Or maybe he’ll be worse than Fredo…

And thus begins – and ends my lame attempt at “Godfather fan fiction…”

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