For Those Of You Who Read My “Fact Du Jour” Posts…

If you actually read my “Fact Du Jour” posts I’ve been “scheduling” to post each day, thank you!

I have just finished working on some more of those posts, and have them ready to post each day until August 20. I will do my best to keep this blog feature going, but it did start as an experiment!

The experiment started as a “wikipedia shuffle” endeavor, but has since taken on a new life of its own. Now the posts are purely about random things/facts that I’ve stumbled upon, learned about, absorbed and have found compelling – for whatever reason.


All of that said? It’s Friday, and it’s almost “beer o clock!” A friend is having a camp fire at his house tonight, so we picked up a few “libations…” Not pictured is a six of some hard cider that Mike picked out.  I also have to fetch my skeeter spray (don’t want those nasty things making a feast of me, grumble grumble). My dream is to one day have a man say to me seductively, “What is that exotic fragrance you’re wearing?” To which I’ll answer: “Why, it’s Eau de DEET!”

But alas…the smell of DEET probably keeps the men – and the skeeters away! #sacrifices

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