We’re 33 1/3 Of The Way Done! With Our Trivia Season, That Is…(Summer/Fall 2019)

If you’re not a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer or someone older than either group of people – the number 33 1/3 is probably just another fraction to you. But if you’re one of those “older” folks, 33 1/3 also means the number of rotations per minute (abbreviated RPM) it for a “long playing” (abbreviated LP) record to do its “thing.” Maybe you’ve showed a millennial or younger person how to use a record player, rotary phone or explained to them what a “catalog” is!

If you’re into goofy movies, you might also know the fraction 33 1/3 as being associated with this:


This movie had its moments, but it definitely was not as funny as its two predecessors (the first being the best of them all IMHO).

What else does 33 1/3 mean? One third! And for purposes of this blog, it will be a “one third of the way done” report of my trivia team’s activities over the past seven weeks!

One-Third Of The Way There – Summer/Fall Trivia Report

We’ve been waging trivia battle on two “fronts” – mainly Monday nights – and either Wednesday or Thursday nights. We’re sitting in first place in Monday night’s Sticks scene, in fourth place at The Owl in Milan (where we have played four times), and also in fourth at Sticks for its Thursday show (where we have played three times). Our “main” gig has been the Monday trivia nights at Sticks. While I’m happy that we’re in first place, I’ve definitely played in more challenging trivia spots! What really matters to me the most – when it comes to trivia – is having a night where you can get your “crew” together – AND win prize money just enough that it makes it worth your while! So far, so good Mondays at Sticks!

We’ve had only two “throw away” scores Monday at Sticks (84 and 95 respectively). Since only the best 12 scores out of 21 are counted at the end, those will most likely…go away! At least I HOPE they do! I shudder to think of having a bunch of scores lower than these, but we do have 14 more weeks to go… Never, ever assume that the only way to go is up!

On our “second” front (shared by the Owl on Wednesdays and Sticks on Thursdays), it’s pretty much a “just for fun” endeavor. There are really good trivia players/teams at both of these spots, so it’s always fun to see how we do against them! We’ve come to like the overall “chill” vibe at The Owl, which started offering trivia in April. We also like that they almost always have a $4 beer (who wants to break the bank on trivia nights)?  When my work schedule allows, we also like playing at Sticks on Thursdays (a night/ place one of our players Evan really, really likes).

One of my players recently said Thursdays work best for him for trivial pursuits, so I’ve scheduled a game next Thursday at Original Gravity (a place he really likes to play). Hey -I try to keep the “troops” happy!

Our Wednesday/Thursday rotation will likely continue for the forseeable future, though Milan isn’t a place we tend to play in the winter months.

That’s about it for this trivia “update!” I’ll see y’all in the next trivia recap next Tuesday – or whenever I post my next blog… Thanks as always for stopping by!

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