FINALLY! A Beer Commercial Geared Toward “Real” Women!

I thought I was done blogging for the day, but this one couldn’t wait…

A Coors commercial is showing a woman after a long day at work, grabbing a Coors Light from the fridge, going to her couch and TAKING OFF HER BRA THROUGH HER SLEEVE. I can’t even describe how many ways this is SO me! I have been so irritated with bras after my shifts that back when I had commutes of more than 30 minutes, sometimes the bras would be off before I got home! And don’t get me started on hose/nylons (ugh)!

I may not be a Coors drinker, but I really, really appreciate what they’re trying to do…Watch that video here.



More beer, less bras! I will heartily drink to that!

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