Murphy’s Law of Trivia – Miss A Game – And They’ll Ask About Stuff You Know!

Me and my trivia team didn’t go out for any trivia games last night. Wednesday has become a “semi-regular” night for trivia, with us rotating between Wednesdays and Thursdays and picking whichever night works better with my schedule. That being said, Wednesdays may start being the better night for trivia with things getting more busy for me at work and having fewer Fridays off.

I was sitting in the break room at work this morning, and looked up the questions from the previous night. In pure Homer Simpson fashion, I thought to myself…


Here’s the final question making me feel this way:

In 2018, three men who won an Emmy Award for their work on the NBC special Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert completed winning an EGOT – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony – with their win. Name two of those three men.

I actually saw this NBC special! It was Easter in 2018, and I was at my folks’ house – and we all watched it. It was kind of a “generational” experience – my parents were both in their 20s when this show debuted on Broadway, and I was “turned on” to it when I was in my 20s as well (I probably bought the double CD in the BMG record/CD club). It was one of my favorite CDs to listen to in college while I was doing homework, writing papers, etc. I had a “boom box” with a remote control, so I could chill in my bed and control the CD player from there (this was long before bluetooth, mp3s, voice activated devices, etc.) Some of us Gen X kids became quite the savants with the technology of the time! Nobody…nobody – made mix tapes quite like us! It was an art form – especially if you did your own designs for the “covers” (like I did)!

Some time ago, when my trivia team was still kind of “starting out,” I took it upon myself to make EGOT winners “my” trivia category. I honestly can’t say why (maybe it just seemed interesting to me…this “elite” group of people with all of these awards)  – but I haven’t regretted it! Sure, EGOT winners aren’t going to get asked about very often. Maybe once a year – if that – but when the topic comes up, my team always really seems to appreciate me for knowing the answer! I think the last time we had an EGOT question was in a semifinal game at Powell’s Pub in January, 2018:

What American composer died in 2012 – who was also the owner of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards – and also a Pulitzer Prize winner?

I’ve described this kind of trivia knowledge as being like fine china. It’s not going to get used very often, but when you do use it – people never fail to be impressed! And sometimes…you have to dust it off a bit first – just like that fine china!

To learn more about EGOT winners, check out this blog.

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