Truth Be Told? I’m Good With Not Advancing Today…

Yes, if the trivia team I sat  with today  advanced, I would have  rejoined  them at finals August  10. Truth  be told ? I’m  not really  a  huge fan of summer  trivia  tournaments. Especially  this year, when I’ve  already  had two too many “have  to” things  to do (graduation, wedding).

I also remember  the wonderful  camping  trip we took at Cheboygan  State Park in August, 2016 that would  not  have  happened  had we advanced  to a trivia finals.  I also remember  a trivia  finals in May, 2018 we didn’t  advance  to, but   in exchange, had  a lovely cabin  trip instead. And we arrived  early  enough  in  the  day so that  we could  really  enjoy  it. Now the blog about  that  cabin  trip  is my most viewed  blog of all time….

My closest  blog  followers  already  know  that  trivia  is… pretty  damn  important  to me. But sometimes  there  are more important  things than trivia. In August, 2018, three  weekends  of my life were   spent in trivial  pursuits. And  I never got that  time back. The resulting  mental  breakdown  and vicious  bout of depression weren’t  things  I’d  wish upon  my worst enemies. Well, maybe SOME enemies, lol!

What  did Ferris  Bueller say? If you  don’t  stop  and look around once in a while, you might  miss something. I don’t  want  to miss a thing.

I feel like  I’m  at peace with  the weight and pressure  being off!

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