Big News on the Movie Front!

The new Lion King remake made $185 million at the U.S. box office and Avengers Endgame surpassed Avatar as the highest-grossing movie all-time worldwide.

Sooner or later – won’t we all bow down to the mouse?

I have no plans to see either of these movies. I just don’t want to watch a movie where the animals look real – and also talk. Hello, uncanny valley…We all grew up watching cartoon animals talking to us in TV shows and in movies – and that was perfectly fine.  Would you want YOUR cat talking to you (and I don’t mean that cute meow they give you when they want to go outside or they’re wondering why you haven’t filled their food dish)?

I was turned off from the Avengers franchise when I watched Age of Ultron. It just seemed like more like a video game than a movie.



3 thoughts on “Big News on the Movie Front!

  1. No surprise. Lion King was a big hit as a cartoon – it only makes sense that it would also be a hit as a live action film. Unfortunately, it only means that Hollywood and Disney will continue to remake movies in an attempt to make money. Personally, I hate remakes. It bothers me that there are literally thousands of great books (with original stories) on library shelves that would be excellent movies, yet Hollywood continues to rehash old stuff!

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