Trivia Plans Next Week (July 22)

Trivia plans next week are to play Monday at Sticks, where we are currently in the lead with 636 points after five games (second place team has 554 points) – and possibly play a second game Wednesday at The Owl. I have to work Friday, so a 9 p.m. Thursday night game at Sticks won’t work this week…

On Saturday, I will be joining a friend’s team in a MTL semifinal game at Walter’s Bar in Romulus. I don’t believe I’ve ever set foot in Romulus on purpose – which means I’ve never driven there as a “destination.” Wait…hold the phone – I did drop off a friend at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport once (which is located in Romulus) – and picked up my parents there once. And I know some folks who visited the Landing Strip Lounge before, though I’ve never been there. It’s a topless bar, and “landing strip” doesn’t mean what you think it might mean (wink-wink). All I know about the place is from what a couple of friends told me, that the girls “are better than the ones at Deja Vu.” Also, it’s not a full “nudie” joint because they serve booze. Don’t ask me how all of this works…but from what I’ve heard, if a bar is “full nude,” you can’t serve alcohol. But if they serve alcohol, they can’t be “full nude.” Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m getting all of this right…

No, I don’t plan to visit The Landing Strip after my trivia game! Besides, it’s out of the way, anyway.

As always, I put our chances of advancing to finals as being 50-50. I never like to go into these things with TOO much confidence! It will all boil down to the final question – and not screwing up too many regular round questions along the way!

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