Trivia Recap – July 18, 2019 – The Owl

A couple of us plus a “plus one” decided to start out our vacation by hitting up the trivia scene at The Owl in Milan. A real trivia scene has started to form at this new-ish trivia spot, which has been offering trivia since early April. It offers “pub style” service (order your drinks at the bar) like many other bars, and even though you can’t get food here, they do have snacks such as chips – and Hungry Howie’s right across the street seems to do brisk business on the trivia nights! If beer/booze isn’t your thing, you can order any kind of coffee or tea-related beverage you want (getting wired on trivia night – might have to try THAT sometime)! As an added bonus, if you’re a cat fanatic –  there is a black and white cat that always lounges in the front window of the dry cleaning business next door. He (I think he’s a he) – actually tried “talking” to me last night! Maybe he’s getting to know me since I’ve already stopped to take a couple of pics of him? Fun fact- did you know cats only “meow” to communicate with other humans – not with other cats?

Speaking of “meow,” we were not exactly the cat’s meow when it came to our score last night! We logged our third consecutive game of scores below 100 and are currently looking for a comfortable place to reside in “Slumpsville!” We know, we know – it’s a long season and we can ride this out…

And off to the races!

Game One

1. Reality TV – Since 2014, Erin Andrews has serves as co-host of what reality competition series alongside Tom Bergeron? 6

2. Games – In a standard Milton Bradley Battleship game, how many successful hits will sink an entire fleet? I let the “boys” take this one out of the water, 3.

3. College Football – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played college football at which university – which is currently a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference? We got the right state, not the right university, miss for 1.

4. Mythology – In Middle East mythology, what kind of animal is a Roc? 10

5. Movie Music – Audio clip of a bunch of folks singing lyrics from Smells Like Teen Spirit in a movie described as a 2015 box office bomb. Miss for 4. Why did we go 4 on this? Oh yeah…because we “feel stupid” like the song lyrics say? I started to make up my own lyrics to the song when we realized how clueless we were – “A whole…a whole…a whole…lotta nope (repeat a couple of more times).” It actually fit in with the song! Hey…if you’re going to blow a question, you might as well have fun, right?

6. SCIENCE! – What do the letters NEO stand for in space speak? This question is abbreviated…9

7. Remixes – In July, 2019, Li’l Nas X released a third official remix of Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and two other artists – name one of the two other artists – both for a bonus point.. Miss and miss for 2.

8. Islands – Which island is home to the Philippines? 8

9. Perks – What privilege allows members of the U.S. Congress to send mail without paying for postage? My first real “solo” contribution to  the game, 7.

10. Fast Food – What fast food restaurant was founded in 1953 and changed its name from Top Hat Drive In to their current name – which aligns with their current slogan – Service With the Speed of Sound? 5

Mystery – Inititals – All correct responses will be people whose names begin with the letter “Q”

M1 – American filmmaker whose films have been nominated for 24 Academy Awards

M2 – Hanna-Barbera horse who was first introduced in a self-titled TV series airing from 1959 to 1961

M3 – 15-year-old actress nominated for her performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild

M4 – Most Grammy Award nominated person of all time

Missed #3.

Scores – Nine teams, scores ??? to 61, with More Beer Less Pants in first. We were in third with 57 behind Sloth who had 60 points.

Final Category – Book Awards

The Audie Awards have awarded Audiobook of the Year since 2004, and since that time, five autobiographies or memoirs that were at least partially narrated by their authors have won. Name any one of those authors.

Nobody got this…

Final scores: ‘Pods, 57, MBLP, 61

Game Two

1. U.S. Cities – Name two of the three most populous U.S. cities beginning with a vowel – name all three for a bonus point. Got two correct cities but for only 4. We couldn’t agree on whether everything is really bigger in Texas or not, lol…

2. Cookies – Chocolate chip cookies were invented by Ruth Graves in 1938 at what Massachusetts inn that she owned? 10

3. Disney TV – In a Disney animated series, what specific type of animal is Bonkers – the title character who is also a police officer? Judging from how long most teams took handing this in, I think this might’ve been a stumper…we missed for 1.

4.  World Leaders – since May 1, 2019, Naruhito has been the emperor of what country? 9

5. Police – What intergalactic police force was introduced in  1960 DC comic is headquartered on Ou and is administered by Guardians of the Universe? Facebook clue – but still took a couple of seconds to come up with name (thank you Mike your base of nerdy knowledge really helped out here), 5.

6. NHL Awards – In 1970, what defenseman became the first NHL player to win the Art Ross Trophy, Hart Memorial Trophy, James Norris trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy in  single season? Now I have to wonder if any Sporcle question writers read my game recaps because I mentioned a question about this guy a few recaps ago. Also before the question was asked, I said “It could be about (blank).” Triviagasm! I feel like I need to meet this hockey player in person, LOL! Got this for 6.


The wild no helmet days in the NHL! Here’s the guy from the previous question…

7. ’70s Music – Who is the subject and title of a song most famously covered by Barry Manilow in 1974 with the lyrics “You came and you gave without taking?” Yay we’re old, got this for 8.

8. Weapons – Bolo, bodkin and dirk are all types of what weapon? Our D&D nerd Mike gave the “specific” form for this answer, though the more generic answer was also accepted 7.

9. Brothers – Dutch brothers  Jan and Hubert Van Eyck both had successful careers in what field? Hubert…I wonder when that will make a resurgence as a popular baby name for boys? 🙂 3

10. ’40s Movies – In 1942, who became the first person to receive four Academy Award nominations for a single film when he was nominated for Citizen Kane? 2

Visual Mystery –


Missed #4.

Scores- Seven teams, scores 26 to 62, with MBLP in first. We were right behind them with 60.

Final Category – Comic Book Movies

Of the twelve highest grossing movies of 2018 at the U.S. box office, six are not superhero movies. Name three of those six films.

I think we got one correct movie…maybe the category should’ve been “Not Comic Book Movies” like the “Not The Olympics” category we had Monday?

Final scores – MBLP, 43, Sloth, 59.

That’s it for the week! We’ll be back at it Monday, hoping our residency in “Slumpsville” is just temporary – like a room at the Motel 6 – and not permanent! As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Quentin Tarantino!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – July 18, 2019 – The Owl

  1. 1. dancing with the stars

    2. 17

    3. University of Miami

    4. bird

    5. pan

    6. near earth object

    7. remixes

    8. pacific

    9. franking

    10. sonic

    mystery – quentin tarantino, quick draw mcgraw, quenzhare wallis (sp?), quincy jones

    final answer:

    Bill Clinton
    Keith Richards
    Tina Fey
    Billy Crystal
    Nelson Mandela

    Game two 

    1. austin indianapolis el paso

    2. toll house inn

    3. bobcat

    4. japan

    5. green lantern corps

    6. bobby orr

    7. mandy

    8. dagger (or knife)

    9. art

    10. orson welles

    mystery answers: BCBA

    Final answers: 

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
    Mission: Impossible – Fallout
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    A Star is Born
    Solo: A Star Wars Story

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