Au Revoir!

This is the last blog I’ll be posting from my laptop – at home – until I get back into town. In the meantime, I’ll have some “Fact Du Jour” blogs posting each day and please feel free to explore other blogs I’ve posted here!

The lastest trivia news is that the semifinals game I’m playing is in a bar in Romulus, which is just a couple of clicks outside of Belleville. If you’re a local, you know that means it’s a pretty darn close drive! Better than Dearborn Heights like last time (ugh).

The beach we plan to visit in Manistee, MI has WiFi, so if I’m sitting in a spot with a strong signal – and the glare on my tablet isn’t too pesky, I’ll be sure to try staying in touch with all y’all whenever I can!

Over ‘n out for now, blog readers,


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