When Vacations Attack…

So we were imformed this morning that our reservation we’d  made for three  nights  of camping was…nowhere  to be found. Did we want to move to a different  site? Upon further  investigation, I found  out the wrong dates were inputted. Don’t  know if it was my mistake or the DNR’s, but it’s impossible  to prove. And since the dates  they received  already  occurred…oy….

We decided…no. We had  a glorious  first night of camping, and decided because  of the humidity (so high my husband’s  glasses steamed up) and because  of a high prediction of thunderstorms Saturday), and because  it’s  a complete  pain in the ass to move  all of your  camping  gear  from one spot to another, especially  when  you’re  sweating  balls off that you don’t  even have…no apologies for that run-on sentence? We said…

Fuck this noise.

We did manage  to take a dip in Lake Michigan (so so chilly) and made a vain attempt  to find lodging  for the night that didn’t  break our bank (haha in “resortville”). Even another  nearby campground  was booked.

Since we were  so close to my in-laws’ place  on our drive back, and didn’t  want  to deal with rush hour traffic in Grand Rapids or Lansing? We decided to give them a call, and I asked meekly…

Do you have room at the inn for us tonight?

Now  we’re  chilling  with some drinks on their deck. Sure, it’s  not a motel room, but…this…


The  river breeze  is kicking up and also this…


Unflavored! I added Triple Sec…

I’ll  post more pics  and another  blog when I’m  back home!


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