Trivia Plans Next Week (July 15, 2019)

Our trivia nights next week will be Monday at Sticks (our usual “team” night) and as of now, we’re 80 percent sure we’ll play Wednesday at The Owl – since we’re leaving for a camping trip Thursday morning and can’t play at Sticks Thursday night. But that is a “maybe” as of now.

We have a 54 point lead over the second place team Monday nights at Sticks. Our closest competitors are a couple of guys (who occasionally bring a friend or two) who have played on another longtime league team at the Corner Brewery. I call them the “spinoff team.” Challenge accepted! We still have a lot of weeks ahead of us, and haven’t logged any “low” or super high scores yet (nothing below 120, nothing above 147). That’s because of us attempting to wager “smart” on the final questions…if this strategy doesn’t prove to be successful in keeping us comfortably in first place, we’ll either say “f— it” or recalibrate. I know that the really “low” scores will eventually be tossed, anyway under Sporcle’s “best 12 scores out of 21” system they’re doing now. But we’d rather log those “low” scores after logging some decent scores first!

Looking ahead to next week, I’ll be sitting in with a friend’s team at a MTL semifinals game. I’ve heard that another player has been trying to find a tournament “seat” with this team, too! Gee, am I really that popular (LOL…JK)! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if if this player does wind up playing with us – but it’s not up to me!

Next trivia recap will be posted Tuesday!

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