The Next “Mullet Burt” Chapter Will Have To Wait a Bit!

Hey folks! I’ll be doing a trip “Up North” this coming week, which means my next “Mullet Burt” chapter will have to wait until sometime after that. So no sooner than sometime during the week of July 22 or later for the next “installment.”

I’ll actually be seeing one of the people who helped inspire the stories – in person – this coming Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll have more “inspiration” for the stories after that!

The stories are kind of a “memorial” to a real-life  man named Jan who sadly died a few years ago. He was kind of a “Renaissance Man” – sculptor, retired art teacher, ex-hippie who never became a “yuppie,” and carpenter/builder (built his own home on a lake as well as a rental cabin that I refer to in the stories). He spoke with a slow, easy “Up North” drawl, loved his Old Milwaukee beer, loved the University of Michigan football team and above all – loved the outdoors. He knew every inch of his property surrounding his home and cabin whether it was on the “trail” or not.

We’ll be meeting with his wife on Saturday evening. She’s just as much of a great person as he was… she still skis even though she’s in her ’70s, (she beat out people in younger age groups in a local ski race too many times to count) still wears a two-piece bathing suit, loves her garden, loves white wine, loves camping, loves her dogs and couldn’t be more of an “Up North” character – even if she grew up in Ann Arbor.

The “Mullet Burt” stories are also intended to be a memorial to Jan and Janet’s rental cabin, which she recently sold and is now being demolished. My husband and I rented this “rustic” cabin quite a lot…it had running water only because of a gas generator, propane lights, a propane power fridge (that never worked) and a wood stove for heat. She’s heartbroken that the new owners have built a pole barn and “log cabin” style building. Yes, she knows Jan always fought a losing battle with the porcupines trying to gnaw on the cabin’s wood. But she still misses the cabin they built together. She also knows that she couldn’t maintain that cabin and the property anymore.

Thanks all of you for your patience! Some things just can’t be rushed too much…



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