Some Random Things I Like About Sweden

I recently learned that one of my blog followers is from the country of Sweden. Please check out her blog  – or follow her blog by clicking here.

In no particular order, here is a random list of some Swedish stuff I like!



Swedish “supergroup!” ‘Nuf said… Thank YOU for the music – Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Anna-Frid!



You haven’t LIVED if you haven’t tried singing It Must Have Been Love at full throttle in your car!



It’s almost a “requirement” to visit Ikea if you move into a new place! Got Allen wrench? Got room in your car for that futon mattress vacuum packed into an unwieldly box?


Volvo and Saab


Don’t ask me to choose! I like ’em both!



I know I have spelled it wrong…here is a picture of Duff’s “revolving” buffet at its restaurants, which are now all closed. Buffet restaurants are kind of going out of fashion in the U.S. I remember the revolving buffet from when I was a kid!

Swedish Letters


Swedish words and the cool symbols over the letters are just so…metal.

The Swedish Chef

PAM-Swedish Chef-Croquembuche.jpg

Countless kids in the U.S. were entertained in the 1970s by the Muppets’ Swedish Chef!



4 thoughts on “Some Random Things I Like About Sweden

      1. Well, it could be a few guys in dark cellars, worshiping on Friday- & Saturday nights, after a few Pripps Blå. But not more than that… I think, and hope.
        However, Sweden did worship a Thor loo-a-like during the 90ties:

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