One-Fifth Of a Trivia Season Down… Only 17 Weeks To Go!

Me and my trivia  team, Miskatonic University  Fighting Cephalopods, are (drum roll) –  out of retirement! For the first time in almost a year, we’re  playing to win  a semis spot – and not just “for fun.” Except Wednesdays  when we play at The Owl (scout’s  honor we are not trying  to win a spot here). We’re  only playing  there  on weeks when Thursdays  don’t  work (or when  our power  goes out, lol). There  definitely  are at least  a couple of teams for us to beat there 😉

We’ve found  a weekly  trivia  spot we like, we’re doing  well so far, we like the host and even have  a  couple of “B” spots too (The Owl Wednesdays, Sticks Thursdays). Trying  to  qualify  at Sticks  Thursdays  in addition to Mondays isn’t  a definite – but isn’t  being ruled out. It all boils down to how often me, Mike and Evan can play  there.

It’s  weird  that we seem to be “the team to beat” Monday nights  at Sticks. Really? We’ve  been  trying  to keep winning  prizes regularly  and also eye “the long  game.” And use a dash of “strategy.” The bar must be low if we’re  the “team to beat.” 😂

It’s  too early to tell how successful  we’ll  be even  though  we are in first place as of now. The “spinoff” team is the only real competition  we have Mondays. The 10-person team (still don’t  kmow who they are) interests  me…how do you  split  a $15 first place prize 10 ways?

I’m  enjoying  how  things  are  going  so far!

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