What Else Is In Store For Mullet Burt?

All it took was for me to get a sappy Foreigner song in my head for me to start writing my “Mullet Burt” adventures “for reals!”

Now I’m thinking of other possible adventures involving Burt and other supporting characters – including his “journo” buddy Lenny, Jon and Jane (ex-hippies who own a rental cabin that they rent to hunters/snowmobilers/hikers), Southern MI “expatriates” Myra and Will, bar owner (still have to come up with name) of “The Hideout…” All of this, of course, will be set against the backdrop of Michigan’s lovely “Up North” scenery – and all of its quirks therein…

Burt is a more complex character than you think… Yes, he might be guilty of fashion/hairstyle atrocities – and having too much to drink on some nights (always a good idea to not play any Foreigner songs when he’s in the bar lol). But he’ll never hesitate to lend a hand to someone when they need it… He’s also the only guy in the “tri county” area who can do repairs on a large scale printing press, he’s a savant with small engine repairs, a virtual storehouse of sports trivia knowledge and ain’t no slouch with movie/Simpsons quotes,  movies/music knowledge (particularly late 70s/early 80s)…just don’t ask him to do any carpentry jobs (even though he enjoys doing them)! He also is a volunteer with the fire rescue department (Jon is his uncle) and he helps look for lost hikers, lost children, etc. He knows the “off road” trails pretty well  because of riding around on his ATV (and also knows where Jon grows his own weed on state land, wink-wink…).

Then of course there are trivia nights! And recaps of the trivia games, of course!

The biggest question of all –  will Burt ever find his “true love?” Maybe she’s been under his nose the whole time!


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