Fourth of July Pics…

I attended the Fourth of July parade in Ypsilanti, MI today. The parade has been an annual event in Ypsilanti for 90 years, and by some accounts, is one of the longest-running and consistent parades in the entire state. You can read more about that here.

All I wanted to do was just hang out with my folks for a bit…but wound up enjoying the parade a lot more than I thought I would! Here are some pics from today:





This car represented the Ypsilanti Thrift Shop, which my mother volunteers for. She didn’t want to be “in” the parade – preferring instead to work behind the scenes (like mother, like daughter, lol). Speaking of my mom…I told her she was too cute in that hat for me not to take a picture!



Found this little flag lying on the ground after the parade, I decided to take it home. But first…a stupid selfie at Aubree’s!

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