(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) – Trivia Recap – July 4, 2019 – The Owl

Answers are in the comments.

We ended our nine-week streak of winning prize money in every trivia game Wednesday at The Owl in Milan…but had a really good time doing it (we were all excited about not having to work today…especially me)! We wagered it all on a rap final question that we missed – and wagered nothing on a golf final question that we wound up knowing! As Sam Elliott said in The Big Lebowski:


OK, maybe that’s not EXACTLY how the quote goes! But it does sound better coming out of Sam Elliott (Jesus doesn’t EVERYTHING sound better coming out of him)! I want him to read Good Night Moon to me as a bedtime story…

As a “punchline” to this all – the person on our team (aka me) whom is least likely to ever, ever know anything about rap music (especially recent rap music) – was the one to suggest a right answer for the rap music final question! Yes, sometimes a trivia game winds up being kind of a cruel joke like that – and this time the joke was definitely on us!

The four of us still had a fun trivia night playing in this “newish” trivia spot with both “Johnny come lately” teams and teams we’ve….been around the trivia “block” with more times than we can count 😉

And the questions…

Game One

1. Money – Prior to the introduction of the state quarter program in 1999, what year saw the most recent redesign of a coin in circulation to commemorate the anniversary of American independence? 5

2. NFL Teams – Which NFL team holds the record for most consecutive seasons with a loss in the Super Bowl with four – beginning in the 1990 season? 10

3. Novels – What 1940 novel by Richard Wright tells the story of Bigger Thomas, a troubled African American living in poverty in 1930s East Side Chicago? We went with another novel by the same author (Black Boy) that was incorrect (d’oh), miss for 4. Hey…at least something I learned in one of my literature classes from way back stuck around in my brain (go figure)!

4. TV Actors – What actor had regular roles on Saturday Night Live, Just Shoot Me, Eight Simple Rules and Rules of Engagement? 9

5. Liquor – What Greek anise-flavored liquor has a four-letter name with a disputed origin though Greek dictionaries attribute it to the Turkish word for “grape?” 8

6. 2010s Music – Audio clue of Grammy winning song, had to name either artist for the points, both for a bonus point. Got one but not both for 7.

7. Flags – What South American country, the eighth largest in the world, has a triband flag of two light blue bands and one white horizontal band with the yellow sun of May in the center? 6

8. Fight Songs – What Southeast Conference university’s sports teams use a fight song titled “The Orange and Blue?” A bit of debate between Evan and Brad here, but got this for 3.

9. Horror Movies – What 2005 horror film which had a 2009 sequel follows six women in a cave who are attacked by creatures known as “crawlers?”


The women in this movie were pretty bad-ass!

10. Vehicles (I queried before this question was asked whether this question would be about motor vehicles or Tom Cruise movies) – What vehicle of which only 11 models have been produced since its introduction in 1936 and has been outfitted with license plates that say “yummy,” “big bun,” “our dog,” and “Oh I Wish” among others? 1 I guess this wasn’t about the 2017 movie “The Mummy!”

Mystery – Current Events

M1 – On Friday and Saturday, the 14th G20 Summit took place in what country?

M2 – This week in Afghanistan, the government began a program to encourage its citizens to start eating more of what fruit, selling it at a price of $11 per ton?

M3 – On Saturday, the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 17-13 in the first MLB game in what European capital city?

M4 – At the second night of the Democratic debates, what candidate said that her first act as president would be to call New Zealand – and that she will harness love to defeat Donald Trump?

Missed #2.

Scores- Five teams, scores 48 to 63 with Team Sloth in first. We were in third with 60 points behind “Team #6,” who had 61 points. We used the moniker “Hold this M-80 For Me, Charlie Brown.”

Final Category – 21st Century Rap Music

Evan really, really wanted to wager it all on this…and because we were playing on this night just “for fun” and not to try winning a semis spot at the end of 21 weeks – we said “Why not?”

Four artists have spent at least 52 weeks in a decade at #1 as a lead or featured artist on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart. Name two of those four artists, two of whom did it in the 2000s and two who did in the 2010s.

I wrote down one of the answers that would have been correct right away (IKR…). Alas, that’s not the one we put on the slip…

Zero wagers ruled…

Subaru, 58; “Team #6,” 61.

Game Two

I was in line getting a beer while the categories were being read (thanks Evan for writing them down for me), and when the first question was being read…and of COURSE my team needed my help with the question so I had to “run away” to the table to help ’em out (one of many “Murphy’s Laws” of trivia)…

1. Cover Songs – What song was first recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 and covered by Soft Cell in 1982 and begins with the lyrics “Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away?” “Run away” from getting my beer? 🙂 10

2. Math – (maybe I should have been in line for beer for this question since they didn’t need my help) – In addition to right and straight angles, name any one of the other three types of angles named based on their measurement in degrees? 9

3. Athletes – What woman who has held the world record in the heptathlon since 1986 was honored by Sports Illustrated as the top woman athlete of the 20th century? Miss for 1.

4. Video Games – Melee, Brawl and Ultimate are three games in what Nintendo fighting game series first  introduced in 1999? FB clue, 8.

5. Abbreviations – Which southern U.S. state is the only one that uses its last two letters in its official postal abbreviation? 7

6. Magazine Covers – Name either of the two individuals who have appeared on Rolling Stone covers at least 10 times but are not primarily known as musicians? One is is best known as a politician, the other best known as a TV host. Name both for a bonus point. Missed this on both counts for 2.

7. Disasters – What Caribbean country was the epicenter of a magnitude 7 earthquake that killed more than 100,000 people and destroyed about 300,000 buildings? My comment here… “It’s pretty much rained shit on this country ever since Christopher Columbus and his men set foot here.” Seriously…can this country EVER get a break? Sure, their voodoo and zombie culture is pretty…awesome – but they also had to endure dictators named “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” on top of this earthquake…

8. 2019 Movies – What 2019 Danny Boyle movie is about a world in which nearly everyone is unaware that the Beatles ever existed and shares its name with a 1965 Beatles song? 5

9. Paintings – Wheatfield With Crows is often cited as what artist’s final painting? There was more to this question, but I didn’t write it all down…


I’ve always been fascinated with this painter…I’ve read two biographies about him, watched Lust for Life with Kirk Douglas and recently saw Loving Vincent…which made me cry at the end – but only when they played a cover of Don McLean’s song Vincent. He was such a creative genius, but because of his multiple personal demons…never got a real break while he was alive. Read more about my reactions to Loving Vincent in this blog.

10. TV Casts – Leslie, Ron, April, Andy, Ann, Tom and Mark are among the main characters in what NBC sitcom premiering in 2009? 3

Visual Mystery –


Got them all (this was pretty much all Evan)

Scores – Six teams, scores 51 to 61 with Team Sloth in first. We were tied with “Team #6” in second with 60 points.

Final Category – Golfers

And…another unwise wager from the ‘Pods! We wagered zero and wound up getting it…this category made me think of this quote from Caddyshack


Name the three golfers who combined to win 106 PGA Tour events in the decade of the 2000s.

Final scores: Team #6, 80; Team Sloth, 81.

That’s it for trivial pursuits for the week. We’ll be back at it next Monday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, “Papa Doc” Duvalier!






One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) – Trivia Recap – July 4, 2019 – The Owl

  1. game one:

    1. 1976

    2. Bills

    3. Native Son

    4. David Spade

    5. Ouzo

    6. zedd, foxes

    7. argentina

    8. university of florida

    9. the descent

    10. weinermobile

    mystery – Japan, watermelon, london, marianne williamson

    final –

    Lil’ Wayne
    Missy Elliott
    50 Cent

    game two

    1. tainted love

    2. acute, obtuse, reflex

    3. jackie joyner kersee

    4. super smash brothers

    5. KY

    6. David Letterman, Barack obama

    7. haiti

    8. Yesterday

    9. Van gogh

    10. Parks and recreation

    mystery – post malone, jim gaffigan, Malailia Yosafzai, maya rudolph

    final answers:

    Tiger Woods
    Vijay Singh
    Phil Mickelson

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