Three Down Two To Go!

I only  have one more “get up early” day before  the Fourth, when I’ll  be off. My employer  pays time and a half for holidays, but…I’d  rather have ’em off! Bummer that I have to work Friday, but meh… I’ll  power through it..

I plan on checking out  Ypsilanti’s July Fourth parade, which is a big….deal. A big deal  for me, anyway! I was in marching  band  in  high  school, which meant I “had” to play  in some parades. Which made me…hate them. You’d  either  have  to freeze  your ass in a holiday parade or broil in a summer  parade (ugh)…

Now  that  I’m  older, I can appreciate  that Ypsilanti, Michigan’s July 4th  parade is one of the state’s  oldest. And if nothing else, it’s  a chance  to  see  my  mom  in  a cute red, white and blue ensemble!  I certainly  don’t look  very  good in red…

Maybe  I  will buy some red shorts? I do have a couple of cute blue and white tops 😎 I just can’t  do red on my “upper half”  (trust me I look awful in red unless  it’s  a  darker  shade).

Happy Fourth  in advance  to y’all!

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