It Feels Good To Be “Back in the Trivia Saddle”

Finally  – FINALLY – after about…three  years or so – it seems my trivia  team has  found  its  “trivia  spot.” The last time I felt like this, it was in the summer of 2016, when we started playing  as a team  at The Wurst Bar.

But, there  were…caveats. Not everyone on my team was keen to play My Trivia Live games. Which is still true today. When we moved to Powell’s a while later, getting players there was even more difficult (dive bars not for everyone, apparently, go figure).  Some nights didn’t  work, some game times didn’t  work, some hosts turned  us off, yada yada. Some spots just didn’t work. And we have a player  who  doesn’t  drive  to games.

I searched  and searched  – for years – to find “the” spot for my team. After a while, I decided  to ditch team efforts  to qualify  in MTL spots, and “fly casual” with the Sporcle games.

Then Sticks  added a second  night  beginning  in  mid April. My team didn’t  take long  to give their unanimous “thumbs up!” Decent  drink prices, decent night, decent time, chill host (AJ is doing  a great job).

The only player  who can’t  do Monday  trivia nights  is Evan, whom is a “loaner.” He is a valuable  part of our “B” team on other nights and sits in for tourneys, too.

Which  brings me to….Wednesday! Brad  will be joining  Mike, Evan and I at Wednesday’s  game at The Owl in Milan, MI. It’s a newer  trivia spot we’ve  played  on random  weeks when the 9 pm  Sticks  games Thursday  don’t  work (this week case in point  because  of Independence  Day). Or in the case of last week, a great place to escape  a power outage  at home… And Brad has even offered  GAS MONEY!

The Owl is a coffee  shop  turned  bar in Milan (but still serves  coffee). My husband  prefers  playing  here  to playing at Original  Gravity  in the same  town. Happy Mike, happy wife? 😂 plus we both like the 7 pm games and the “chill” vibe  of the place. A “benchwarmer” is providing  good competition, too… It’s  not easy winning  a semis spot as a “soloist,” but if anyone  can do it, he can (Godspeed to ya, lad)!

Side note, it’s nteresting  that Evan (whom is 31) and Brad (whom is 58) seem  to get along  so well. Ditto when we had  Alex – another  Millennial – he and Brad just  “clicked.”

I feel good about  how  things  are going! Go Pods!


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