Trivia Recap – July 2, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Answers in the comments. Also some lewd commentary in the comments. Adults only…

A two–player team (both women) wound up winning a first place sweep at Monday’s Sporcle Live game at Sticks! I can’t quite explain it, but I had a “feeling” that these players were… going to have a good night of trivia! Woman’s intuition? Sixth sense?  They wound up coming from behind in both games – wagering it all on both final questions – and getting them both right. Especially impressive, since the game two final was about one of our least favorite subjects…. Emmy Awards.

We didn’t fare too badly in the game, either – we won two second place prizes and wagered “conservatively” on both final questions. After only three games, we’re in first place in the bar’s overall standings with 394 total points. It’s been quite a long time since our team has had a trivia spot we can usually get at least three players out to the same time every week. It hasn’t been easy finding a place we all “agree” upon…we are a pretty “fussy britches” bunch! Not unlike Goldilocks trying out the different beds/bowls of porridge until she found one that was “just right.” But I’m not going to tread into Goldilocks territory with a game recap again (pinky swear)! If you want to re-read my “Goldilocks” trivia recap from 2018, click here…

I am excited to report that we ended our “slump” of flubbing questions about cocktails! We got a “cocktails” question correct Monday, and I also had the biggest sports-related “triviagasm” in a trivia game since the “Bobby Orr Incident!” Here’s that question from a few years ago…

What former NHL player, known for a particular defensive style of play helped lead his team to a Stanley Cup win in 1970?

And here’s our question from Monday’s game:

Who holds the NHL record for the most hat tricks in a season with 10 – achieved in both the 1981-1982 and the 1983-1984 season with the Edmonton Oilers?

Speaking of hat tricks, I was SO hoping for a “hat trick” in game two, after nailing the first two questions quickly (including the previous hockey question) – but alas I was left feeling unsatisfied like a horny virgin from a Judd Apatow “coming of age” movie (JK, JK)! Actually, I did wind up getting a “hat trick” in game two!

What’s that? You want some game questions? Oh…OK!

Game One

1. Band Members – Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito were four of the members of what band which had more than a dozen top 40 hits between 1969 and 1974? 10

2. Cocktails – According to the International Bartender’s Associaion, what cocktail with a U.S. location in its name, includes equal parts tequila, white rum, Triple Sec and gin as well as lemon juice, gum syrup and Coke? 5

3. Netflix – What hip-hop drama, created and produced by Baz Luhrmann, aired on Netflix and was set in 1970s New York City? Nope for 1.

4. Prequels – In June, 2019, Scholastic announced that the prequel to what Suzanne Collins triology will be released in 2020 and set 64 years before the first novel? Miss for 4 (coin toss, torn between the correct and incorrect answer…darn us for not knowing our “tween” literature better).

5. State Borders – What is the second most populous city bordering Kentucky behind only Illinois? For a bonus point, what is the third most populous state bordering Kentucky? Fot this for six, missed the bonus.

6. Beer – Established in 1829 and headquartered in Pottsville, PA, what is the oldest operating brewery in the U.S.? Yay, we get both a cocktails AND beer question correct! 9

7. ’90s Movies – What 1994 Quentin Tarantino film is divided into seven narrative sequences, including a prologue and epilogue both called “the diner” as well as “the gold watch” and the “Bonnie situation?” 8


Why don’t the pawn shops near me have Hattori Hanzo swords? 😦 A scene from the movie in question 7 (above).

8. Trophies – The Red Auerbach Trophy is presented to the person who wins coach of the year in which of the Big 4 sports leagues? 7

9. Dances – Czechia, Liechtenstein and Paraguay all have what style of dance as their official national dance? Brad came up with what was the correct guess, but asked “Why would (blank) be the national dance of Paraguay?” I said, “Maybe because all of those Nazis who fled there after World War II?” Then the conversation turned to what dance would be the “official” dance of the U.S. Chicken dance? Line dancing? Square dancing? Hokey Pokey? You haven’t LIVED until you’ve done the Hokey Pokey…on roller skates (ah childhood memories)! Got this for 2.

10. Politicians – Who is the most recent person to earn the nomination for U.S. president of a major political party who also previously served as the U.S. secretary of state? 3

Special thanks to the trivia host A.J. for giving us the three points for the newsletter answer even though I (oops) put down Wednesday’s answer instead…

Mystery – I wondered why I couldn’t find my notes…this was all audio – had to identify the name of the movies to go along with the music clips.

We did pretty poorly with the mystery round, only got one of them correct…

Scores – Five teams scores 48 to 60 with Peas Above Stick in first. We were in third with 55 points.

Final Category – World Cities

The five most populous cities in Australia are located in five different states. What is the only Australian state that does not contain one of those cities?

We’ve gotten too confident in this category in the past, so decided on a “halfsies” wager (10 points).

Final scores: ‘Pods, 65; How Old Am I Again, 68 (moved up from last).

Game Two

1. NHL Players – Who holds the NHL record for the most hat tricks in a season with 10 – achieved in both the 1981-1982 and the 1983-1984 season with the Edmonton Oilers?  (hat trick question 1) 10

2. The Middle East – What city is the capital of United Arab Emirates and the second most populous city in the country after Dubai (hat trick question 2) 9

3. New Music – Name either solo artist who holds one of the two top spots on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart and is the 14th studio album for the woman – and the man’s 16th top 10 studio album? “They’re still recording albums?” Miss for 1.

4. Animals – Kangaroos, koalas and opossums are members of what infraclass of mammals, most of which are native to Australia? 8

5. Ambassadors – Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were the first two people to serve as ambassador of what continental European country? FB clue, 7.

6. Game Shows – Who is the host of the game show “Spin the Wheel,” which debuted in June, 2019? After asking this, the host got on the mic and “polled” the players to ask who had actually watched it. I raised my hand, and he asked what I thought of it. My answer? “It’s kind of like an ‘evil’ Wheel of Fortune.” We all talked a bit more about this after the game was over. Giving other family members the power to “veto” what the players on the stage do with their wagers adds an…interesting (and potentially chaotic) element to the game. Wonder how that family felt last week to be going home with $39,000 instead of a half mill? Money the root of all evil? Got this for 6.


Will Arnett and the Spin the Wheel host from previous question in Let’s Go to Prison.


7. Video Games – Samus Aran is a bounty hunter in which video game series introduced in 1986? Miss for 2.

8. Title Characters – What title film character played by Jake Gyllenhaal is the only one who can see a giant demonic rabbit named Frank? 5. Wait…I guess I did get a “hat trick” in game two (this would be question #3)…

9. Classic Novels – “Happiness is a matter of chance” is a quote by Charlotte in what 1813 Jane Austen novel? Mike with right guess for 3.

10. Tests – The LSAT is a standardized test administered to people hoping to enter into what kind of school? 4

Visual Mystery –


Missed #4.

Scores – Six teams, scores ??? to 83, with Peas Above Stick in first. We were in third with 58 points.

Final Category – Emmy Awards

Since it was introduced in 2003, there have been three TV series that have been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition Program at least nine times without ever winning the award. Name one of those three series.

We had no clue, so we started brainstorming some “fun” answers…

Dancing With the Battle of the Network Stars, So you Think You Can Masturbate Publicly and Survivor: Detroit After Dark ( we later decided that Flint is much, much more scary after dark). And one other one that I’m not including here because it might be too “political.”

Final Standings: ‘Pods, 58; How Old Am I Again, 75 (they moved up from fourth to first).

We’ll be back out again on Wednesday (aka “July Fourth Eve,”) since our Thursday game is canceled for the July Fourth Holiday. Happy Independence Day, everyone! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Chachi! You don’t deserve Joanie’s love (LOL)…



2 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – July 2, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

    game one:

    1. Jackson Five

    2. Long Island Iced Tea

    3. The Get Down

    4. Hunger Games

    5. Ohio, Virginia

    6. Yeungling

    7. Pulp Fiction

    8. NBA

    9. Polka

    10. Hillary clinton

    mystery – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Trainspotting, Hustle and Flow and Lego Movie

    final answer: Tasmania

    game two

    1. Wayne Gretzky

    2. Abu dhabi

    3. Madonna, Bruce Springsteen

    4. marsupials

    5. france

    6. dax shepard

    7. metroid

    8. Donnie Darko

    9. Pride and Prejudice

    10. Law

    mystery – Raul Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Danica Patrick Stewart, Tracy Morgan Fairchild and Tom Everett Scott baio

    Final answers: Project Runway
    Dancing with the Stars
    American Idol

    My husband and I were watching the new game show Spin the Wheel at a bar on Thursday night. And we began “speculating” about what it would be like if we were at their house (the Spin the Wheel host and his wife, whom is also a celebrity) – and they were into “swinging.” Here’s some dialogue we pretended would occur:

    Game show host (presenting the idea of my husband “doing” his wife): “She will put on a braided wig and pretend she’s (blank) from that (high grossing animated 2013 movie). She’ll even sing for you if you want – she’s a real good singer.” 

    Husband: Nah, she doesn’t have to sing. Her mouth will be too busy for that. 

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