Camping Trip In July!

Coming soon in July… a camping trip! We’re going to camp in a place we’ve NEVER camped before! When I checked in with the Department of Natural Resources’ web site recently, I quickly learned that there were slim pickin’s for “reservable” camp sites during the dates we wanted to go. But there were sites at Tippy Dam Recreation Area, which I think is a “new kid on the block” in the state park system. It’s popular with anglers, especially during the fall salmon “run.” We just want to ogle the water – not take anything from it!


Tippy Dam Recreation Area is located on the backwaters of the Manistee River in Northwest Michigan (south of Traverse City).

It will be “rustic” camping with no electricity, no running water, stinky vault toilets – but some great scenery – and only $17 a night! It’s actually good for me to get completely “unplugged” from time to time – I’ll be able to use my car charger to charge my phone/tablet when we take rides in the car.

This is kind of a big deal for my husband and I – we’ve camped in the state parks/state forest campgrounds all over the state of Michigan since before we were married (beginning in the early 1990s). Tippy Dam is only about a half hour away from Lake Michigan – and some of the best Lake Michigan beaches in the state.

Also – I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO DO A TUBE TRIP DOWN A RIVER! There is a canoe/kayak/tube rental livery about an hour from where we’ll be camped. The Manistee River looks CRAZY….can’t wait! I might not be huge on getting into small watercraft… (God I hate getting all scrunched up in a canoe/kayak) – but I love a good and lazy float. I’m actually HOPING weather will be warm enough (IKR)? I hate the heat – but love it if I have a good “means” of escaping it…


Guess I’ll have to find my swimsuit!

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