Trivia Returning to Old Colonial Lanes Spot?

I was looking at a list of Sporcle Live trivia nights, and saw that Revel and Roll (a bowling alley/entertainment complex) will be offering Friday trivia nights “coming soon.”

Revel and Roll used to be called Colonial Lanes before receiving a huge renovation a few years ago. And some My Trivia Live players will remember when Colonial Lanes used to have trivia nights!

I actually  had a chance to visit Revel and Roll in the fall of 2018, and…boy oh boy – it doesn’t even CLOSELY resemble the old Colonial Lanes! It’s now a very “family friendly” establishment, with the former bar/restaurant open up to the rest of the place, rather than being closed off like before. There is a TV screen the size of a billboard over the bowling lanes (I remember watching one of the Williams sisters playing tennis), an adjacent game room and (cough) overpriced cocktails in the lounge. A Moscow mule for $12? I can make my own for far cheaper, thank you! Even the “beer flavored beers” were quite pricey – I seem to remember $4 for a bottle of Miller High Life (yikes)! Guess somebody has to help pay what I would guess are high energy bills for Revel and Roll! Let that be a motivator for the teams playing here to win some trivia prizes… (the food prices did seem reasonable).

My team really isn’t in the “market” for a Friday trivia spot, but it’s good that another Friday spot is opening up after Scorekeepers went under (though maybe only for the summer).

Me and my trivia team never played any of the trivia nights that MTL used to serve up at Colonial Lanes, but my friends and I did visit for the karaoke nights occasionally (especially when Mike and I lived only a couple of miles away between 2008 and 2010). And I “think” we might’ve made too much noise while entering – or exiting – the separate “trivia room” on a karaoke night and had some MTL trivia players glaring at us! Can’t say that I blame them! #getoffmytrivialawnyoudrunkennoisykaraokesluts





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