Found ANOTHER “Field Correspondent!”

I have received word from a player named Terry R. whom will be at the Michigan Sporcle Live state championship Saturday! He has told me he will write down the questions and post them under his team page on Facebook called Your Resume Sucks.

This way, if Michigan and Ohio have different questions (which I think they will), my page/blog followers will get to see TWO different question sets from that “big” game!


More about enemy destroying in a bit! 🙂 If I tried posting this on Facebook, it would probably be pulled. They are starting to get a bit “picky” about the images I’ve been posting. Has someone been complaining? Well, I know I can post it HERE!

Yes, it feels… weird that my team won’t be there. But I am also a bit… relieved! I know that whatever team I would’ve managed to assemble that day would stand NO chance, even with me being as much of a believer in “underdog power” as I am. So…the pressure’s off? I’m enjoying this mild summer weather way too much to want to sit inside a bar on a weekend trying to answer questions about boy bands, commercials from the 1990s, obscure movie credits and taglines of movies that went straight to video starring Rob Schneider. Though, to be fair, I’ll probably be in a car en route to the  in-laws’ house. Still better than being cooped up “inside!”


Spoof movie from South Park

Hopefully my Michigan “peeps” won’t hold out on telling me who the top teams were that day!

Good luck Saturday! Please destroy my “enemies” (you KNOW who they are).  Thank you in advance! 🙂


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