Trivia Recap – June 14, 2019 – Sticks

We managed to assemble our “end of the week” trivia crew for a trivia game Thursday at Sticks. Moods were high all around – Evan was celebrating being on vacation from work, Mike was celebrating the rain (he loves rain), and me? I just like it when I can get at least three players together for a trivia game!

We won a $10 gift card in game one even though we wagered zero on the category of airports (and of course wound up knowing the answer – isn’t that how it always goes)? Discussed the right answer for the game two final, but…didn’t put it down on the slip! Still, we had some previously won gift cards to use up, and with 25 ounce glasses of Labatt costing only two fitty after 9 – Sticks’ prize money goes quite a long way!

I wound up knowing a regular round music question based solely on the birth year mentioned as one of several clues describing an English lead singer. But more about that when we get to the question – one of my favorite trivia catchphrases is, “It doesn’t matter HOW you know an answer as long as you know it!”

Also, I heard from a “little bird” that my trivia posts are “great toilet reading,” LOL! Hey, we have a trivia facts book that we keep in one of our bathrooms…

Game One

1. The Internet – What does DM stand for in Twitter/Instagram parlance in reference to a form of communication? 10

2. Senses – Which of the traditional human senses is also known as “gustation?” 9

3. Musicians – What English lead singer, born in 1951, has 17 Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and four nominations for best original song including songs for Kate & Leopold and Cold Mountain? I was a huge fan of this guy (and his band) when I was in my  “tween” years, and as a young “fact collector,” I remembered he was born the same year as my mom. This guy was also the ONLY reason I wanted to see a certain sci-fi movie released in 1984. Didn’t wager too high on this, but got it for  3.

4. Planets – Which planet shares its name with the Roman god of the sea? 8

5. Polls – Other than Joe Biden, name two of the three candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination polling highest in Iowa, according to 538 and Real Clear Politics? Name all three for a bonus point. Got two of these correct for 5.

6. NBA Players – What NBA player retired following the 2019 season is the all time leader in points, games, assists, steals, shots taken and shots made for the Miami Heat? Evan demanded the “biggest” slip here (love when he says this), 7.

7. Sauces – What dark, sweet and salty sauce – common in Chinese cuisine – is made from fermented soybean paste, fennel seeds, chili peppers and garlic? FB clue, 6.

8. Superhero Movies – In the 1940s, Lewis and Robert Lowery became the first two people to portray what comic book superhero on film? Hint – DC character. I tried to argue that I’d never seen these two names in association with actors playing the “other” superhero who launched around that time, but we still went with this “other” answer anyway. Hey…just because I’m a woman, it doesn’t mean I don’t know *some* comic book stuff! Miss for 2. For the record, we didn’t really care that we missed this one!

Interesting note, about six years ago today, we won first in a “superheroes” theme trivia night – and the final question topic was something I’d actually bothered to study before the game (birth years of actors who played (blank). I still have my tank top that I won…


This is the only pic I have of me in my Superman tank that I won that night – this was from a 2015 trivia night at Maiz in Ypsilanti that we lost against More Beer Less Pants (by only one point, if I recall correctly). Note the umlaut! This team will be in the state championship Saturday, good luck to them…

Uh, moving on!

9. Advertising – A 2019 print media campaign for what fast-food restaurant chain featured supposedly real X rays of customers who injured their jaws eating at the restaurant alongside the tagline, “We warned you it was big?” Miss for 1, a lot of teams put down the same chain we did.

10. Same Name – What TV series debuting in 2003 shares its name with a two-word medical term for a state in which physical or mental growth stops? 4

Mystery – Progressive  – Who, What Where

Series of clues ranging from difficult to easy given to describe a person – get more points the sooner you answer.

M1 – Born in 1981 in Vancouver, Canada – earned first award nomination for 2001 film in which I portray a character helping my dying father with a construction project

M2 – Earned Razzie for worst supporting actor for my roles in 2002 and 2005 film sequels from same franchise also received MTV award for best villain for th 2005 film

M3 – I was in an on again, off again engagement with an actress I met while filming the 2008 sci fi action film Jumper together and we had a daughter named Briar Rose in 2008

M4 – My character in those film sequels eventually became Darth Vader

Got our answer on the second clue…

We were in first going into the final with 61 points, with Dirty Mike and the Boys right behind us with 56.

Final category – airports

According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States has over 13,000 airports, more than any other country, as of 2013. What Western hemisphere country is second, with over 4,000 airports, more than double the third-place country?

Wagered zero, but knew it…

Scores – ‘Pods, 61; Peyton Manning’s Jingles, 68.

Game Two

1. Museums – The Acropolis Museum opened to the public in 2009 and displays the archaeological findings of an ancient citadel located in what country? 10

2. Title Characters – In the Lord of the Rings, what character created the “one ring?” 9

3. Deserts – In addition to the Colorado Desert, which is a part of the larger Sonoran Desert, what desert lies partially within the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park in California? 4

4. Endings – In June, 2019, Mike Schurr announced that what fantasy/comedy series debuting in 2016 will be ending after its fourth season? A bit of thought, got this for 3.

5. Purchases – In 1917, the U.S. acquired the land currently known as the U.S. Virgin Islands for $25 million from what European country? Miss for 6 (ouch)!

6. Songs – Audio clue of Against All Odds, performed by two other credited artists, had to name one of those artists, both for a bonus point. Got one for 8.

7. Proteins – Human hair, skin and nails are composed of fibrous structural protein starting with the letter K? 7

8. Tennis – Which of the four “Grand Slam” tennis tournaments is the only on still played on grass? Question – does smoking grass make watching tennis more exciting? 🙂 Got this for 3.

9. Video Games – In what online multiplayer action RPG released in 2019 do players control characters called “freelancers?” Miss for 1.

10. Movie Duos – Name the title of the first Cheech and Chong movie, miss for 2. Speaking of smoking grass!

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these.

Scores – We were in second out of eight teams with 55 heading into the final, with Dirty Mike and the Boys in first with 56.

Final category – Geographic Regions

Name one of the three countries that are home to the region known as Thrace, based on its modern-day boundaries.

Wagered and missed…did not write down game winners.

Until next time, which is TBD… (have not talked to the team about next week’s trivia games yet). Good luck to the teams playing in state championship games Saturday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Calvin Coolidge!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – June 14, 2019 – Sticks

  1. game one

    1. direct message

    2. taste

    3. Sting

    4. Neptune

    5. Sanders, Warren, Buttgieg

    6. dwayne Wade

    7. hoisin

    8. batman

    9. burger king

    10. arrested development

    mystery – hayden christensen

    final – Brazil

    game two

    1. greece

    2. sauron

    3. mojave

    4. the good place

    5. denmark

    6. mariah carey, westlife

    7. keratin

    8. anthem

    9. up in smoke

    mystery – james buchanan, calvin coolidge, george hw bush, john quincy adams

    final answer – bulgaria, greece, turkey

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