Trivia Plans Next Season (June 12, 2019)?

So what are the plans for my trivia team next season? A new Sporcle Live season starts June 17…so what will the ‘Pods be up to?

Not a whole Hell of a lot! Nobody on my team seems really gung ho about “having” to play for tournament contention. We’re still largely going to be a “play for fun” team, just like we have been pretty much this whole year. Plans are to stick primarily to the Sporcle Live games – we’re not making any plans to try qualifying at any MTL spots unless a decent spot opens up close enough to us for Brad to walk or bike to – that we ALSO agree on liking! Yeah, yeah…we’re a picky bunch, aren’t we? I’ll be a “hired gun” in the next MTL semis/finals, but that’s about as committed as I want to be in that league – unless something changes.

As for Sporcle games,I’ll send out “feelers” every week to see who wants to play Monday at Sticks, and also talk to my Wednesday/Thursday guy, Evan – to see what works best for him. All of this doesn’t even take into consideration occasional theme trivia nights and “women’s only” trivia nights. A “women’s only” game is being planned for sometime in July. I canceled the women’s game for next week because one of the women couldn’t make it, so stay tuned!

So, no huge changes, really! I have no problems with any of this. We’re almost halfway through this calendar year, and we just hit the $400 mark for total prizes won this year in weekly trivia games. On average, we win about $12 bucks every time we play a “regular” trivia game. Our odds of winning beer money are better than our odds of NOT winning it! How nice it was last night to drive 67 miles to a game and not have to pay a dime for our drinks (except tip money)!

And really…isn’t THAT what it’s all about? Besides doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around? 🙂

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