“He’s The Brawn, I’m The Brains.”

Just thought of another story to share from last night’s trivia adventures at BJ’s Bar in Burton, MI. There my husband and I were, just sitting at the bar and playing a trivia game. A guy at a table sitting near us decided to start engaging in some good-spirited “trash talking.”

“We’ll have to string you up by your thumbs for knowing the answer to that question so quickly,” one of them said to my husband. When we know an answer right away, he likes to hand it in quickly to avoid the “crowds” that congest the host. Believe me – he doesn’t do this to “show off” – but to beat the crowds!

My husband said, “I’m not the one who knows these, it’s all her,” he said, gesturing at me.

True, Tuesday’s question set was kind of “me” friendly (though I did need his help on that U.S. states question in round six, and on the lit question in round four).

When I caught wind of what was going on between them, I just said jokingly…

He’s the brawn, I’m the brains.

That seemed to shut them up…a little bit! Really, though – where’s the fun in trivia if there isn’t a bit of competition?

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