Trivia Recap – May 31, 2019 – (’80s Music Theme Night)

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I don’t know which of us was more “triviagasmic” about getting a Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five rap song lyrics question correct on a complete guess – me – or Kim – my trivia “pardner” for the night who came up with the correct guess! It was a pretty exciting moment at the trivia table, with me exclaiming “Kim!” out loud after learning we got the question right. Then there were fist-bumps! We came very close to landing in the “prize zone,” and possibly would have done so – had we wagered a bit more conservatively on the final question (which every team missed). It’s fairly easy to have a “go big or go home” wagering mentality when it’s a theme night – since it’s not a “regulation” game. Oh well, the real “prize” of the night went to Team #6, who won a $100 gift card – second place was half off the team’s bar tab. For a “duo” like our team, that prize wouldn’t have helped us too much – since we’d already cashed out – and also didn’t have too big of a bar tab!

Random observation – we decided during the game – after seeing an image of the band Thompson Twins – that the term “Thompson Twins” is kind of like “baker’s dozen.” It essentially means a set of twins – plus one. Bonus if the “twins” are diverse according to ethnics and gender! And no, there were no questions asked about songs by the Thompson Twins! What? You mean I thought of songs such as Lay Your Hands On Me, Hold Me Now and Doctor, Doctor for nothing? And also remembered that the woman in the group’s name is Alannah Currie?


Thompson Twins’ highest charting singles were Hold Me Now (#3), Lay Your Hands on Me (#6) and King for a Day (#8). Doctor, Doctor hit #11.

This was the fifth “theme” trivia night I’ve played this year, and the second time that teams I played with finished just outside the prize zone. Yes, I know everybody wants to rule the trivia world, but as Howard Jones assures us – things will only get better! And when wagering decisions go awry, remember Howard Jones also said “No One Is to Blame!”

What else? Oh yes, the QUESTIONS!

Game One

1. Awesome ’80s Ladies – What was the name of Cyndi Lauper’s debut album – the first album from a woman to produce four top five hits? 10

2. Covers – What Tiffany song was originally recorded by Tommy James and the Shondells in 1967 and hit #1 for Tiffany in 1987? Bonus (not asked in game I’m just asking for fun) – what other Tommy James and the Shondells song also hit #1 in 1987 and was recorded by a different artist?

3. New Singers – What was the first AC/DC single recorded featuring Brian Johnson as the lead singer, hitting #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Miss for 2.

4. Rappers – What is the more common stage name of the rapper Richard Martin Lloyd Waters? Miss for 3, when the image was shown of the correct guy, I said, “He looks like a hybrid of Prince and Flavor Flav.”

5. Duets – Who sings the song written by the Bee Gees with the lyrics, “Sail away with me…to another world…where we’ll rely on each other?” Name both singers. 8

6. Movie Songs – In what song does David Bowie sing the words, “Babe with the power of voodoo?” Miss for 1. When they revealed the answer, they showed an image of Bowie from this movie. And I still can’t un-see his… (ahem) – “moose knuckle.” Totally appropes for a kids’ movie! “Mommy, what’s that thing in Gareth’s pants?”


Bowie and his “trouser pet.”

7. Improvisations – Phil Collins claims he improvised what titular lyric while playing with a drum machine? Considered the right answer, but missed for 6 (talk about a land of confusion)!

8. Charts – Name both of the Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs by Queen to have charted in the 1980s. Miss for 4. I briefly thought of the correct second song, but we went in a different “crazy” direction. Maybe I was under too much “pressure?” 🙂

9. Lyrics – What four makes of cars are mentioned in the rap sequence in Rapture by Blondie? EVERY time I hear this song I think to myself, “Someone should ask what cars Deborah Harry sings about in this song in a trivia game sometime.” Got this for 7.

10. The Cars – For what 1984 hit did The Cars win video of the year at the MTV Video Music Awards? And here I thought they’d ask for the name of The Cars song that plays during the swimming pool sequence in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (LOL)!  5


For inquiring minds Moving in Stereo is the name of The Cars song playing during this scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High! I hear it sounds WICKED on headphones (hmmm maybe I’ll try that now)…


Mystery – Bon Jovi lyrics- Identify the songs based on the following lyrics.

I just handed over the answer slip to Kim (Bon Jovi fangirl)!

M1 –

You know she likes the lights
At night on the neon Broadway signs
And she don’t really mind
Its only love she hoped to find

M2 –

Tommy used to work on the docks, union’s been on strike
He’s down on his luck, it’s tough, so tough

M3 –

Oh, you’re a loaded gun, yeah
Oh, there’s nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

M4 –

I been everywhere, still, I’m standing tall
I’ve seen a million faces
And I’ve rocked them all

Got all of these…

We were tied for fifth with 47 points at the half. Team #6 was in first with 58 points.

Game Two (Spoiler – we will do MUCH better in this game)!

1. Dolly – What does Dolly pour herself in the morning according to the lyrics of her hit song 9 to 5? Love, love, LOVE this movie (and the song)! Violet Newstead (played by Lily Tomlin) is just so…ME in this movie!

2. Not the English Language – In 1986, what single became the first German language song to hit #1 in the Billboard Hot 100? Only three teams got this correct – ours was one of them! And then I said to Kim that I was going to use a pic of this guy with my game recap because (reasons). And she pushed for me to use a pic of her ’80s hot boy Jon Bon Jovi instead.  So I posted the recap three times with three different photos! Madonna is the other one!!! But since this is MY blog, here’s my man who did this song (RIP)! Got this for 9.


Did you know Falco had absolute pitch? A nice superpower if you’re a singer!


3. Bad Ideas – Finish these lyrics of The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five:

My son said, Daddy, I don’t wanna go to school
‘Cause the teacher’s a jerk, he must think I’m a fool
And all the kids smoke reefer, I think it’d be cheaper
If I just got a job, learned to be (two words)

Kim came up with right guess from “the depths!” Fist bump time (but for only 1 point).

4. Country – What singer’s exes all live in Texas, according to his song lyrics? Miss for 3.

5. A Cappella – What was the first a cappella song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, holding the position for two weeks? I said, “This was one of those songs that you maybe liked the first few times you heard it, then after hearing it played on the radio incessantly, you started to get a bit stabby.” Or was that just me? Got this for 8.

6. Love Songs – What song, written by Jim Steinman, was originally called Vampires in Love? Damn, I think I like the original title better! Got this for 7.

7. Albums – What Peter Gabriel album featured the hits Sledgehammer and In Your Eyes? Got this for 6.


Did you know controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe took this photo which appears on this Peter Gabriel album cover? He also shot the cover of Patti Smith’s album Horses. My husband and I joked before about what it would be like if Mapplethorpe did wedding photos (oy)!

8. TV Themes – On Nov. 9, 1985, the theme for what TV series hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100? 5

9. Awards – A 2011 Rolling Stone readers poll selected what song as the worst song from the decade – by a wide margin? Miss for 2.

10. Lyrics – According to the lyrics of Maniac by Michael Sembello, a “steel town girl” is out on what night of the week? 4


Madonna – you couldn’t escape the ’80s without getting one of her songs stuck in your head!

Mystery – Madonna quickfire

In addition to Like a Virgin, name the other four hit singles from her album by the same name.

Got three of these correct. As if my brain were punishing me for forgetting one of the songs, I had that song running through my head this morning at work! Here are some lyrics from that song, see if you can spot it:

Why am I standing on a cloud
Every time you’re around
And my sadness disappears
Every time you are near…

Is Madonna cursing me now? I don’t think I want to be on her bad side! 🙂

Scores – We moved up to third heading into the final, and team #6 was in first.

Category- Cover Songs Popular in Britain

What song, originally recorded by Roger Whittaker hit #1 in 1989 and was found to be the most played song at British funerals according to a 2002 UK poll?

Yeah, about that 30 point wager (wagerer’s remorse)…no teams go this. Final standings unchanged. Team #6 (who was sitting right by us) got first.

The next ‘Pods trivia night is Monday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Fab Five Freddy!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – May 31, 2019 – (’80s Music Theme Night)

  1. game one:

    1. She’s so unusual

    2. I think we’re alone now (my bonus answer is Mony Mony)

    3. You shook me all night long

    4. Slick Rick

    5. Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers

    6. Magic Dance

    7. Sussudio

    8. Under Pressure, Another one bites the dust

    9.. cadillacs, lincolns, mercury, subaru

    10. you might think

    mystery – runaway, livin’ on a prayer, you give love a bad name, wanted dead or alive

    Game two

    1. Ambition

    2. Rock me amadeus

    3. street sweeeper

    4. george strait

    5. don’t worry be happy

    6. total eclipse of the heart

    7 so

    8. Miami Vice

    9. We built this city

    10. saturday

    mystery – into the groove, material girl, dress you up, angel

    final answer wind beneath your wings

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