What A Difference An Hour Makes!

My  boss  let  me  come  in an hour  later  than  usual  today, so I got today  drive to  work  after  the  sun was up! Weird…

Also  have  breakroom *almost* to myself! Plus both supervisors  are off today. Gotta  appreciate  the  little  things!

It  will  be  strange  not  having  a  trivia  recap  to  write  when  I get  home later. I’ll try  to scrounge  up  a good “rerun” to share.

Other  than all of this, I don’t  have too much on my mind right  now (ikr)? Except  I’m  still thinking  about  that scene from Tuesday’s  episode of Fosse Verdon  that  showed a teenage  Fosse  lose  his  virginity  to two aggressive   Burlesque dancers. It was sexual  assault. Certainly  adds depth  to a person whom would  become  a sexual  predator/womanizer  as an adult. One  female  dancer  had  to cold clock  him to fight  off his aggressive  advances.

Wonder  if we’ll  ever  see a courtroom  drama  where  a sexual  assault  case  involving  a female  perpetrator  against a man is the crux of the case. Has Law and Order done  it? I can’t  help  but  think  of a possible  dramatic  line:

“Does  a man’s erection constitute  sexual consent?”

Back  to work  I go!

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