Trivia “Rerun” From Three Years Ago…

This is the first Friday since March 22 where I haven’t had a new trivia recap to post! Usually Thursdays are good trivia nights, but my boss asked me to work today as a special request and I decided to say yes this time (only because my hours last week were pretty light).

Just in case any of you blog readers are in withdrawal just HAVE to read trivia questions, you can read a recap from a game from “about” three years ago by clicking here.

This game was at the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor, MI, which no longer offers trivia. I used the word “sultry” in the game recap, which was a word I frequently used to describe this place, which hosted trivia in a basement. The fact that it was a German bar/restaurant and we played trivia in the basement always reminded me of the movie Inglourious Basterds…


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