Trivia Recap – April 30, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Ah, it felt good to be back “home!” After having spent much of Saturday afternoon at the My Trivia Live finals championship helping a friend’s trivia team in the “Downriver” town of Woodhaven, it was…nice to be back with “the gang!” Just hanging with the “crew” you’ve known for years, shooting the shit, drinking some beers – what could be better? Why, adding trivia to the equation, of course! Our “gang” this night was myself, Mike and Brad, and we logged a score of 114 points and won a first and second place prize ($25 total). This was the third night in for Sticks’ new Monday night trivia scene, and for a short time, it appeared that ours might be the only team in contention! There was some talk about moving to Powell’s for its trivia night, but…none of us were very excited about THAT possibility! As much as we love playing shows that Stacy hosts, we don’t necessarily like the trivia scenes at all of the places – nor the players (cough)! Who needs negativity on a trivia night (not me)! Then a couple of players from the Money Badgers team showed up (they played independently from their Wednesday night team at Corner Brewery), and then another team…and then a “soloist” showed up to sit at the bar, so game on! Another team showed up for game two! We’d love nothing more for these new trivia nights to pick up a little steam!


Me and my “crew” having a St. Patrick’s “Breakfast of Champions” in 2009. We would not start playing trivia together until about three years later. Brad still wears this outfit every St. Patrick’s Day!

In other ‘Pods news, we recently changed “jobs” on our trivia team! Our new “scribe” is Mike – who is now in charge of writing down all of the game questions. Apparently, he also wanted to be in charge of writing out answers on point slips, too – but agreed to let me start handling that job (even though his handwriting is better than mine)! His math is also better than mine, so I have to turn over score sheets to him to make sure points are added up correctly (there’s always a transitional period with personnel changes)!

Since it’s still MY job to type up the game questions…here I go!

Game One –

1. Grammar – A serial comma, optional in some writing styles, mandatory in others is placed before a penultimate item, also shares its name with what English university? I’m going to go on record here and say that as a result of brainwashing from college journalism classes, 10 years of working as a journo and because some habits are just hard to break, I don’t tend to use “these” commas! Hell, it was hard enough getting used to writing in the first person voice! 10

2. Presidents – As of March, 2019, who is the longest living U.S. president in history – surpassing George H.W. Bush? 9

3. Book to Movie – Eva Green stars in what 2016 fantasy film by Tim Burton based on a 2011 novel by Ransom Riggs? FB clue, 8


Eva Green in Sin City 2, Electric Boogaloo. Sigh…Oh, OK! It doesn’t really have “Electric Boogaloo” in its name (though I think all movie sequels should have these words in their name). I like this image of Eva Green quite a bit – and also like that she speaks fluent French!

4. MLB Playaz – (this is how Mike wrote this in his notes) Omar Vizquel won 11 Gold Glove Awards from 1989 to 2012 while primarily playing what position? Brad with right answer for 2.

5. In The News – On March 20, 2019, Walt Disney acquired what other media company, with exceptions including sports and news networks? 4

6. U.S. Cities – Joliet, Naperville and Aurora are among the five most populous cities in what state? 7

7. Children’s Music – Audio clip of Australian group singing kiddie music (had to name the group) – we had no idea, so we bandied guesses of Whacky Wombats, Olivia Newton John’s School Choir, and something involving perky Koalas…miss for 1. Speaking of Australia, did you know that the song Down Under by Men At Work was the subject of a lawsuit because of claims a melody was lifted from the children’s song Kookaburra? The lawsuit filed by the company owning the rights to the Kookaburra song was successful, read more about that here. I used to like singing this song when I was in kindergarten!

8. Business Terms – What two-word animal term refers to a business- what once paid off – continues to produce a steady flow money over its lifespan? 6

9. Reality TV – In 2016, two protesters stormed the stage of what reality TV series, where controversial Olympian Ryan Lochte had just completed a performance? 3

10. Coasts – Name one of the two countries that share coasts with the Gulf of Finland? Name both for a bonus point. Mike and Brad both blew this one out of the water, for 5 plus the bonus point.

Mystery – Current Events

M1 – What company announced a version of what toy that will help blind children learn Braille?

M2 – Which NFL team selected Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in the recent NFL draft?

M3 – Avengers Endgame grossed $60 million from Thursday night previews, breaking records by what film in December, 2015?

M4 – Daimler has no idea how the leader of what country obtained the armored limo he was riding in to a summit meeting

Missed #1 (I suggested right guess but was outvoted)

Scores heading into the final: Four teams – 47, 59, Peas Above Stick, 63; ‘Pods, 64.

Final Category – Beauty and Personal Care

Six of the fifteen companies that did the most sales of beauty and personal care-related products in 2018 are headquartered in the U.S. Name three of those six companies, most of which own many brands each.

Two correct answers came to me/Brad right away (I know…I was kind of shocked about that too)!

Game Winners – ???, 67 (moved up from fourth); ‘Pods, 74.

Game Two

1. Commercials – Since 2015, Charles Barkley, Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in March Madness-themed advertisements for what bank? 6

2. Words – What six-letter noun beginning with the letter “J” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “technical terminology or idiom of a specific activity or group?” 10

3. Toys – What line of toy vehicles – available in the mid 1980s – used a logo that included the words “The Original Scale Miniatures? Only one team managed to get this correct (not ours), miss for 3.

4. TV Shows – Name one of the two FX series starring Denis Leary that have aired at least 20 episodes? Name two for a bonus point, got one of these right for 9.


Denis Leary in The Ref, which is one of the few “holiday” movies I actually kind of like.

5. Inventors – What European-born inventor and engineer built Wardenclyffe Tower, an experimental wireless transmission station on Long Island in the early 20th century, although it was never completed?

6. Prime Ministers – What five-letter last name has been shared by three different prime ministers of India, the most recent of which served from 2002 to 2014? 4

7. British Bands – What British band formed in 2002 partially named after an animal, nominated for five Grammy Awards, including the album, People Say That I Am, That’s What I Am Not, and the songs Do I Wanna Know, and Four out of Five? Big miss for 7, we went with an American band that also has an animal name (ouch)!

8. Big Cities – Which U.S. state has four cities larger by total area than the total area of Rhode Island? Our “everything’s bigger in (blank)” trivia mantra failed us here, miss for 5.

9. Announcers – In March, 2019, what long-time WWE commentator known for a number of catchphrases including “Business is about to pick up here” announced he would be leaving the company? Miss for 1.

10. Preservation – What food product, commonly known as “astronaut ice cream,” has had most of its moisture removed using what dehydration process? This stuff is only delicious on backpacking trips – I have tried the “Neapolitan” variety of this stuff, got this for 2. How to describe the texture? You know those Mr. Clean “magic eraser” things? Yeah…kind of like that. But when you’re miles from civilization and have only “rations” that you had packed into your backpack? You learn to appreciate the small stuff! And nothing…NOTHING makes you crave deep-fried foods quite like subsisting 2-3 days on these rations! Where’s the nearest Long John Silvers/KFC combo joint?


You just haven’t LIVED until you’ve eaten ice cream from a pouch!

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores – Five teams – 19, 27, 28, ‘Pods, 47; and ???, 57.

Final Category – TV Premieres

In 2018, the season premiere of what TV series became the most-watched episode of a comedy on Fox in nearly seven years?

We put in a Fox series, but not the right one…

Final scores: ‘Pods, 40; ???, 47.

Until next time, which will be our Simpsons theme trivia night Thursday at Haymaker Ann Arbor.  Our plans to play at Sticks after the game have been shelved because Evan can’t make it out to the game (he has to pick up his dad from the airport). We’ve talked about a lot of Simpsons team name possibilities, but are learning toward “Thinking too much gives you wrinkles.” Anyone know who said that? Hint, it’s not a “living” character… As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Tim Allen!

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