Thanks To Everyone For Helping Me Hit a Blog “Milestone!”

In the wee hours of Tuesday, April 30 this blog hit the 2000 mark for total views for the month of April! I asked for help from my readers in reaching this milestone, and you didn’t disappoint!

Today, I finally get to wind down from an emotionally “windy” past few days! I’ve learned quite a lot about myself in these past few days alone. One, my language gets quite…colorful when I’m pissed off! I’m not sure what part of my brain I pulled the words “bilious maw” from, but it must’ve been dark…and dank! At least I used the words correctly (aye caramba)…

I may not be able to turn off my pesky feelings, but perhaps I can learn to channel them into something…creative! A darkly creative idea I had last weekend occurred while I was watching one of those “save the animals at the shelter” commercials. I thought… “What if they raised the stakes? What if they decided to stop playing?” Picture this…a famous celebrity (I’m thinking Ray Liotta would work well here) is holding a pistol to the head of an absolutely adorable, let’s say Dachshund. Here’s some possible dialogue:

“It’s gonna cost $80 for us to pay room and board at this overcrowded animal shelter for Fritzi for the next 30 days. Who wants to pony up that money in the next three minutes so that we don’t have to blow his head off and he can live for another month? Donations of $80 or more will get you a T-shirt with Fritzi’s face with the words “Someone saved my life tonight.”


Do YOU want to see Fritzi’s head blown off?

Air these commercials during the prime “after bar” hours and donations could really pour in! Imagine a bunch of maudlin drunkards watching these commercials and digging out their credit cards to save the animals! And their spouses asking about the charges the following month when the bills come in!

“Why is there a $500 charge to the Save the Animals Or We’ll Kill Them In Front of You On TV Foundation, dear?



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