(Whine) Why Do MTL Finals Have to be “Downriver? Hmmm Is Wyandotte Worth a Visit?”

After some discussion, it appears  I’ll  be riding  with my husband  to the MTL finals  Saturday in Woodhaven, MI. I didn’t  want  to  go  by  myself,  because  I don’t  know  my  way around the ” Downriver” area of metro  Detroit  very well.  Honestly, it might  as well be another  country. I know my way around the “Western  Wayne” ‘burbs very well, on the other hand, and probably  wouldn’t  get  TOO lost in the “Northern” Detroit   ‘burbs.

I don’t  use  GPS (I prefer  paper maps).  I think GPS is a copout,  makes people forget their own navigation abilities, isn’t  always  up  to date and frankly…I don’t  like having  that “GPS lady” telling  me what to do (my own little hangup, I have a problem  with authority, lol). I “could” write out directions  for myself if there  were  no other  option.

With my husband  driving, I’ll  be able to “navigate.” This is pretty much how we’ve  operated  on car trips since we met in 1992. He’s  an absolutely  shitty navigator and even worse passenger, it’s  best to just let him drive. Plus, it will be nice to have someone  to talk  to on the ride  there!

There  was some talk about me carpooling  with someone else, but Mike and I agreed  that having me ride with someone else would be more trouble  than  it’s  worth. Especially  if  I’m  at the mercy  of leaving  when they want to leave.

Sharing  a car  certainly  has  its challenges, but  we’re  managing  them just fine – and saving  so much money!

Up side? This  means  Mike  can write  down  the  questions  and leave  me free to just focus on helping  my team answering  them! He said he  actually  enjoyed doing that during the semis last Saturday. I might just make an “assistant” of him yet!

And  I just  thought  of a place  we can visit while  we’re  “in  the  neighborhood.” Wyandotte!  A kind of cute  riverfront town (I am a sucker  for watery  views) 😃

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