Final Question From Today’s Semifinals…

I know you blog followers are a dedicated bunch! And because of that, I’m not going to make y’all wait for me to write the game recap to give you…(drum roll) – the final question from today!

What pain relief product made by the W.F. Young & Co., originally only used on horses, also became popular with farmers, and was subsequently reformulated in 1903 – keeping its original name, but adding a component to recognize one of the founder’s children, who inspired making the product for human use?

Only two teams in the bar got it correct, we were in second heading into the final, and wagered zero on this (none of us had any clue to this answer).

It was fun playing with this group of players today! They were much, much more “chill” than some of the trivia players I’ve become accustomed to playing with (and know personally, wink-wink)! They made me feel “needed” (honestly I don’t know how many “warm fuzzy” moments I can handle in trivia games this week). As an added “bonus,” my husband tagged along today – and he sat at the bar by himself – and WROTE DOWN THE QUESTIONS FOR ME! Being freed up to just brainstorm and work on answering the questions? That was a GAME CHANGER! Big thanks to him for that! Plus, his handwriting is much, much neater than mine, so I should have no trouble reading his notes. Sometimes I have trouble reading my own writing!

We did a grocery run on our way back and found out by accident that the Livonia Aldi store is very, very nice compared to the Aldi stores we’ve visited in Canton and Ann Arbor. Nicely lit, open layout, produce/bread are at the front of the store – clean restrooms. Also, they carry their OWN brand of spiked seltzers ($5.98 a six pack)! I’ll be trying out a couple of different flavors tonight and revising my “fizzy boozy water” blog.

I’ll be working on the recap in just a bit…

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