So…Did You Get That Final Trivia Question Right?

I thought it was an innocent enough question – I looked at the final questions from Tuesday’s Sporcle Live games, and I asked another player if his team had gotten this final question correct:

In 2018, the Ford F-Series was the best-selling line of trucks in the United States at over 900,000 units. Name three of the next five best-selling lines of trucks.

I told him I would have known the answer to this one, thanks mainly to having been burned by a “trucks” final question a few years ago. This sparked a brief “obssession”  with pick-up trucks! Once bitten twice shy?

Well, this other player said no, they didn’t get either final question right…and he seemed particularly bitter about it. Not really surprising, this player can be a bit…cranky as a matter of course! But this was different than his normal garden-variety crankiness – he said he was pissed off enough to (possibly) seek greener pastures in a competing trivia league, even going as far as saying that the Sporcle Live questions might be getting “too young” for his players.  Since I’ve been playing in both trivia leagues that dominate our area (Sporcle Live and My Trivia Live) for the past few years, I gave him some tips about the local MTL trivia scene, and suggested a possible trivia spot for him that might be “winnable.”

As I said, I don’t know if he’ll actually go through with his seeking greener trivia pastures or not. It might be a matter of being like a dog or cat and just wanting to be on the other side of the door.

I understand where he’s coming from! I think that my husband and Brad are far stronger in the MTL format than they are in the Sporcle Live format. But when the players Evan and/or Dave are added to the mix, we’re a “decent” Sporcle Live team. I’d have to say I’m kind of equally split between the two…I don’t think I’m any stronger in one of the leagues than the other.

One of my favorite “I Spy” type games is to play “spot the player under 30” at a MTL tournament! Yes, the MTL questions tend to skew to an older clientele than the Sporcle Live questions.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this player hit up some of the local MTL scenes! As I always say, “the more competition, the merrier.” And of course I want people to be happy with their trivia choices!


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