Trivia Recap – March 15, 2019 – Sticks

Answers and additional commentary in the comments…

For our team, scientists proved to be scarier than…Samuel L. Jackson when it came to final question wagers Thursday at Sticks! Let’s talk for a minute about famous scientist Albert Einstein (whom was not the scientist asked about Thursday, for the record) and Samuel L. Jackson, who was a “component” of the final question in game two. Hmmm, what do Albert Einstein and Samuel L. Jackson have in common? On the surface, not much! But think about this…Albert Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity, which paved the way for the atomic bomb, which generates a “mushroom cloud” when it is detonated. And what was one of Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic quotes from Pulp Fiction (I know some of you are probably raising your hands right now and going “Oh, I KNOW this…I know this…”


Considering the reported guilt Mr. Einstein (a pacifist) felt after realizing what his Theory of Relativity created, I’m not so sure he would get a laugh out of that particular scene from Pulp Fiction (though he might enjoy the story about Butch’s father and the watch – don’t ask me why – but I think he’d appreciate that story being that he was a refugee and all). Einstein might also like the scenes in the 1950s-themed restaurant, too (are you also picturing him – in his last years – ogling the waitress who looked like Mamie Van Doren)? As for the scenes in Pulp Fiction involving the pawn shop with the gimp, well…those might be a bit TOO intense for him (but who knows)?


Mamie Van Doren and Russ Tamblyn, whom would later go on to play the quirky Dr. Jacoby on Twin Peaks. I think he has a hot daughter or something – is she still dating Johnny Depp (who can keep up with all of this stuff besides TMZ employees, LOL)!

As for the game, we were “bombed” by the game one final question about scientists, in which we wagered nothing (of COURSE it turned out to be easy)! Usually we’re too confident in our science final question wagers. About confidence…we were too confident in our wagers on the game two final question about ’90s movies (which I think stumped quite a lot of teams). We still managed to win a $10 gift card following a tiebreaker for second and 102 points total for the night. I’m not even totally sure how all of this came to pass (I was in the bathroom after we handed in our slip). So this ended our two-game prizeless streak. So…silver linings? It’s all part of our “beer money or bust” strategy we’ve been attempting this year!

And the questions!

Game One

1. Voices – Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Angela Lansbury and Pharrell Williams are among those who lent their voices to what 2018 film based on a Dr. Seuss book? 10

2. Bowling – In 1980, Mark Roth became the first bowler in a nationally televised match to pick up a spare with what two numbered pins? Facebook clue, 8.

3. TV Shows- What actress starred in New Adventures of Old Christine from 2006 to 2010 on CBS?

4. Measurements – What unit of volume is represented by approximately 34 ounces of fluid? 7

5. Quarterbacks – Who is the only NFL quarterback to throw 5,000 yards or more in a season on more than one occasion? Evan for the “touchdown” here (but only for 2).


6. Lead Singers – Audio clip of song, had to ID the lead singer. Triviagasm moment for me, since it was a song by The Smiths, so in a sense, I was not a Girl Afraid of this question and didn’t sing Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now for getting it wrong (groan)! I “know so much about these things” (OK, OK, I’ll STOP with all of these Smiths song references that nobody but a select few will understand…Stacy will get it)! But hey…why ponder life’s complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat (sorry had to squeeze in one more)! Ahem…OK one more but it will be a meme (one of my favorite Smiths related memes)!


Peppermint Patty was ALWAYS testing old Charlie Brown’s boundaries, wasn’t she?

7. Shapes – A rhombus has how many sides of equal length?  5

8. Monuments – The World War 2 Valor in the Pacific Monument consists of four sites in three different U.S. states. Name two of those states – three for a “nerd” bonus point. Good teamwork, got all three for 3.

9. Money – What is the five-letter term for official currency of India? 4

10. Pasta – What is the English name for pasta called capelli d’angelo?  1

Mystery – Progressive – What Country Am I?

Groan! “Perfect game ruiner,” we cried! 😦

Give one answer based on your confidence in the following answers – get eight points for answering based on the first clue, six for the second (so on and so forth you all know how these dreadful mystery rounds work):

M1. I am the second largest country by land area in the Caribbean

M2. – Columbus landed here in 1492 and his brother later founded its capital city

M3. – I share a 233 mile long  border with my western neighbor

M4. – I make up 5/8 of the land area of the island of Hispaniola

Got in clue #2 (glad we waited, this could’ve been disastrous)…

Scores: Seven teams, scores ??? to 63 with Legitimate Students at Miskatonic University in first (that was our moniker for Thursday’s game). One other team also used a similarly themed name, something to the effect of Harry Potter pole vaults to…(can’t remember the rest maybe Tim does).

Final Category – Scientists

16th century Italian scientist Eustachius is known for his work in human anatomy, including his study of which organ of the body? He first described a number of parts of this organ, including one that bears his name today.

If I were a Peanuts character? I’d be saying “AUGGH!” Facepalm…we wagered zero and knew this…


Anyone else ever feel like this during trivia games? 🙂

Game winners: Harry Potter, 74; Michael, 77.

Game Two

1. Unique Sports – Founded in 2010, the IQA is the governing body of what sport that was first introduced in a popular book series?  10

2. Birthplaces – Of the states where all of the current living presidents were born, which one extends farthest north? Mike and Evan ALMOST decided to be very “wimpy” with their wager on this one – I exercised a “presidential veto” and put this in for 9 (have some confidence, guys)! They were glad I did it since we got it right, even though Mike did whine that I was being “bullying.” What would Teddy Roosevelt say to that?


3. Alphabets – Name either letter represented by a single digit in Morse code – name both for a “nerd” bonus point – got both (nice work Evan), 3.

4. Hall of Fame – The Hockey Hall of Fame, founded in 1943, was founded in what city? Nice work again by Evan (whom is not even a “hockey guy”), 1.

5. Keeping Warm – What brand of sleeved blanket is mentioned in The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars? 8

6. Mammals – Other than humans, what land mammal has the longest life span? Flashback time, MTL had this as a final question in a 2014 game: What specific cause of death is the most common cause of death in elderly elephants? I know a “certain” player who was very “tusked” about this question (he still complains about it now)! 7

7. T.V. According to the title of a TV series that aired from 1969 to 1976, what was the profession of Marcus Welby? Yay I’m OLD, 6.

8. Asian History – Within one, in what decade did the Republic of China move its government to Taiwan following losses in the Chinese Civil War? We went a bit too early, miss for 2 (nice try Mike)!

9. Youtube – Justin Bieber had what song as the most watched video from 2010 to 2012 until being surpassed by Gangnam Style? Evan for 4.

10. Movie Stars – Die Another Day was the last James Bond film to feature what actor playing Bond?


Missed #1.

Scores: Six teams, scores 55 to 59, with us and Harry Potter tied for first.

Final Category – ’90s Movies

A 1992 film starring Meg Ryan, a 1996 film starring Samuel L. Jackson, and a 1997 film starring Morgan Freeman all have titles that include what word?

Good news is we picked a word shared in the titles of movies starring Jackson and Freeman, but the release years were wrong (one of them was only one off), and also a movie starring Meg Ryan was not one of them. What IS it with the Meg Ryan questions lately? There was a final about her in Wednesday’s games:

Name any one movie directed by Nora Ephron that did NOT feature Meg Ryan.

I hear that many, many teams flunked this question…when I saw the answers, I only recognized one of the movie titles.

Moving on! We wound up in a tiebreaker with the Harry Potter team and had to answer this question:

In what year did Wilhelm II become Chancellor of Prussia?

Mike was our hero here, his guess was closest to the mark for a $10 gift card. Don’t recall who finished first (some team that wagered zero).

That’s it for trivial pursuits this week! Next week’s game is TBD, but “might” be on Tuesday…perhaps a spot we haven’t visited in a while? As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Justin Bieber (though it’s much more fun to read about you when you’re not being classy)…

One thought on “Trivia Recap – March 15, 2019 – Sticks

  1. 1. The Grinch
    2. 7 10
    3. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
    4. liter
    5. Drew Brees
    6. Stephen Patrick Morrissey
    7. four
    8. Alaska, california, Hawaii
    9. Rupee
    10. angel hair

    mystery: Dominican Republic

    final question answer: ear

    game two
    1. quidditch
    2. new york
    3. e t
    4. Toronto
    5. snuggie
    6. elephant
    7. m.d.
    8. 1940s
    9. baby
    10. pierce brosnan

    visual (sorry do not remember all of these)

    final answer: kiss

    Glad to see the competition at Original Gravity is heating up nicely without us having to play out there (only two points separating the top two teams, the top team not having even played as many games as the other team! It’s been a bit rough with my…lifestyle changes I’m trying to make – playing in the same trivia spot each week. Sometimes life happens (toothaches, last minute work schedule changes), so being free of trivia “commitments” this year has been very..nice! Still happy to see Mind the Gap giving This is Sparta a challenge! I wouldn’t want things to be TOO easy for either team!

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