Happy Birthday, Brother! Some Trivia Questions For the Occasion…

It’s my older brother’s birthday today, and he is 3,800 miles away in Anchorage, AK with his wife and daughter, the latter of whom is competing in the U.S. Cross Country Junior Nationals 2019 (I’ll be watching her on the live stream later today). In what has become a bit of a “tradition,” here are some special trivia questions for this “birthday boy!” These questions will be about topics about which he probably knows…quite a bit (except I am NOT including any questions about the Green Bay Packers, because he should STILL be rooting for the Lions since he lives in MI, dammit)! Because I’m not expecting any of my blog readers to be experts in my brother’s “pet topics,” I WILL be kind and give some additional hints (remember I was not as nice when I posted my OWN set of birthday questions last month, LOL)!

1. Musical Duos – Andy Bell and Vince Clarke are the founding members of what synth-pop duo? For an extra point, name any one of the other three groups in which Clarke was associated before joining this duo.

2. Book Series – The book series Dune was launched with Dune in 1965. Name any one of the next two books in that series – published in 1969 and 1976 – respectively.

3. Stage Names – John Steven Corrigan – an electronic musician, DJ, producer, and remixer most commonly associated with Meat Beat Manifesto – is known better by what stage name?


This is my brother’s cat, who shared this person’s first name. This is one of a couple of cats he owned who shared names with musicians from his favorite bands (the other was Jonny, named for Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood – the two cats were litter mates).

4. Names – What is the name of a set of copper mines in Hancock, MI – which shares a name with a TV series that aired from 1976 to 1983?

5. Musical Instruments – If you play clarinet in a traditional band or orchestra, you are most likely to sit next to musicians playing what other woodwind instrument (you have a choice of one of two instruments here depending upon band or orchestra layout)?

6. Authors – What is the last name of the British “space opera” author best known for book series such as The Night’s Dawn Trilogy, The Commonwealth Saga and Mindstar Rising?  Hint: his last name is shared with that of a Founding Father.

7. Computers – Which personal computer, introduced in 1982, has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best selling single computer model of all time – selling an estimated 10-17 million units?

8. Albums – The 10,000 Maniacs 1987 album In My Tribe’s later  CD pressings omitted what cover track because of controversial remarks that had been made by the song’s original singer/songwriter? For a bonus, name the original singer/songwriter.

9. Ferries – From what two specific towns in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can one take a boat ferry to Isle Royale National Park?

10. Film Quotes – In what 1993 film will you hear a character say, “I’m your huckleberry,” and “You’re no daisy…you’re no daisy at all?” Bonus, what character says this?





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