No Trivial Pursuits Tonight…(Feb. 26, 2019)

I just  checked  my email –  and see that  trivia  at  Tower  Inn  is  canceled  tonight. With  my  husband  disliking  the  host  at  a  Sporcle  spot  in  Belleville, me not liking the overall  vibe at McShane’s and neither  of us wanting to do overpriced  beer  at  Cultivate   (not  to  mention  the Christian  revival trivia-in-a-tent). All of the Ann Arbor spots are too competitive   (Haymaker),  too pricey/upscale (Homes, Circ) or involve  paying  to park (Cottage  Inn). Canton…out  of  the question   (no mas).

Had  Evan been  available to  play  tonight, we might  have  given Dan’s in  Saline  a visit. Evan’s  a Saline boy, so he likes  a couple of its bars!

Looks  like all day happy  hour at  YpsiAlehouse  it is!

I’m  going  to  try  to  play  Saturday…weather  permitting.

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