(STOLEN RECAP) – April 26, 2014 – MTL Semifinals (unknown location, MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of MTL semifinal game from April, 2014 as  reported by More Beer Less Pants. My attempts to answer the questions will be in this color.

April 26, 2014

The MTL semi-final is in the books. Twenty questions down, two wrong answers by us, and much like G.W. Bush in 2003 we are proud to say “Mission Accomplished”.
(the questions are paraphrased, as we were more interested in answering and winning than keeping a 100% accurate account of the events)
Round 1
1)A star and what two other items were found on the flag of the former Soviet Union?

Hammer and sickle. 
2)Peaking at #2 in 1960, “Only the Lonely” was the first top 40 hit for what 1987 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee?

Roy Orbison. 
3)According to the 2010 census, Wyoming is the least populous state in the US. What is the second lest populous?

I’m going to guess Vermont. 

Round 1 done and we’re off like a rocket.
Round 2
1)“Imagination at Work” is a slogan used by what company, that was founded in 1892 by consolidation of two competing companies. They are headquartered in Fairfield, CT.

General Electric? 
2)What 1998 Nick Hornby novel was turned into a 2002 film, and is now a NBC television show, which premiered on Feb. 21, 2014?

God, it was that movie with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore…where he is more obsessed with the Red Sox than his relationship or some shit like that, and there was also a British version of the same book where the guy’s obsession was with “football” (aka soccer)…and grrrr this name is escaping me which is frustrating since I KNOW SO MANY OTHER THINGS ABOUT IT! (hangs head in shame). I have a “feeling” that having another player – like Dave or Evan – would probably help me with this answer. Gotta love those players who help pry answers out of your brain! 

3)1978’s “Heaven Can Wait” and 1981’s “Reds” gave Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Director to whom?

Warren Beatty (now I feel a bit better, LOL). 

Round 2… not so much. Missing #1 & 2 left us feeling a bit shaken. But there is plenty of game to go, right?

Round 3
1)What is the name for an alloy of silver, consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of some other metal, usually copper?

Mike Brad better than me at these questions…but my guess is tin. 
2)What is the stage name of the actor/musician born in 1969, with the given name of Oshea Jackson

Some rapper. No idea…I wouldn’t be having a very “good day” with some of these questions (at least not on my own)! 

3)What two late night tv hosts have Ben & Jerry’s flavors named after them?


Round 3, back on track 3 for 3.

Halftime – Fictional Characters
What are the first names of the 4 children of Don Vito Corleone from the Godfather?

Connie, Sonny, Michael, Fredo

After halftime, we were down 3 points. That’s when we took command of the game.

Round 4
1)What is the common name for the bodily secretion cerumen?

2)What 2-time Oscar winning director and screenwriter had a small recurring role as McKenas Cole, on the TV show Alias?

JJ Abrams? No idea. 
3)What state is home to the Marshall Space Flight Center, where the Saturn V rocket was developed?


Round 5
1)In March 2014, Men’s Wearhouse agreed to buy what other men’s clothing retailer?

Joseph A Bank? No idea…
2)Who is currently the Attorney General of Michigan?

Think back five years…was it still Bill Schuette? 
3)What will be the host country for the 2018 Winter Olympics?

South Korea…

Round 6
1)What is the alphabetic system is the primary script of Russia and many other Slavic countries?

2)Not visible from ground level, what object can be seen lying at the feet of the Statue of Liberty?

A small dog? No idea. Funny my first “guess” was actually right (oh well). 
3)What alcoholic spirit, native to Vera Cruz, Mexico is marketed as the original coffee liqueur?

Kahlua. College roommate John made homemade version of this and it MADE A STICKY MESS ON THE STOVE. 

Second half done and we were holding a commanding 6 point lead heading into the final about politicians. For those not familiar with MTL, you can wager anywhere from zero to all of your points AFTER you hear the question, which usually allows all teams to still be in the game at the end.

Final question in the category of Politics:

Thomas F. Schwieget, James H. Brickley and James Damman all held what office for the state of Michigan?


That is when we did something we rarely do – bet zero. We had a guess, but it certainly was not a slam-dunk answer. And this is exactly why betting zero is a sucker’s bet…. Over half of the teams knew the answer (which should be expected at a tournament) AND our guess was correct. Bye bye commanding lead and good by tournament finals. Mission was definitely NOT accomplished.

As it turns out, the three men listed in the final served in the office consecutively in the 1970’s. Unfortunately for us, we were still in diapers in the 70’s but a fair number of our competitors appeared to have been a little older than us. Hopefully for them, they don’t ask a bunch of questions geared to 20 year olds at the finals next week.

In the end, we are disappointed that our tournament fortunes resting on one question but we were happy to have the opportunity to try for the prize.

Having failed in MTL semifinals in August, 2016; March, 2017; October, 2017 and May, 2018 – I feel your pain! Though failing in the semifinal bid in May, 2018 was actually a blessing in disguise (same weekend as wedding anniversary cabin trip to Cheboygan State Park). I would not trade ONE MINUTE of that wonderful trip for anything in the world (even potential trivia glory). 

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