(STOLEN RECAP) – Jan. 11, 2016 – Buffalo Wild Wings (Ypsilanti, MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of Sporcle Live game as reported by More Beer Less Pants (a husband/wife duo) at Buffalo Wild Wings (Ypsilanti, MI) in January, 2016. Interesting note, my husband and I also played at this same place around the same time…this trivia host was kind of…famous for hosting shows that ran overly long. This bar no longer offers trivia nights. Read a recap of the game my husband Mike and I played here. I recall this was the first time in a few weeks we’d won any trivia prizes (we were in kind of a “drought” at the time), and the prize we won wound up being handed over as a trivia prize in my “birthday trivia night” to none other than…Scott – whom is a MBLP player (circle of trivia life)? 

My attempts to answer the questions will be in this color.

January 11, 2016

A husband and wife duo from MBLP ventured out to Buffalo Wild Wings Ypsilanti to play an impromptu game of Sporcle Live with Wild Bill on Friday. Because I didn’t have my usual stack of notecards, I attempted to keep notes on random sheets of paper and napkins. So please excuse any mis-worded questions, as this is about 50% from memory. On $3 “you call it” night, one’s memory can be a little foggy.

1)Who recorded the 1991 song “Ninja Rap”, which was used in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film?
– A couple of teams were thrown off while looking for a hint in Wild Bill’s song choice, which was Eminem. Nope, Eminem was still doing rap battles in 1991, not recording songs for movies. We got it, but for low points.

No idea. 

2)Who was fired as manager of the New York Yankees five times?
– I thought this was an easy one, but maybe that’s because I’m old. Less than half of the 20 (yes TWENTY) teams got it right.

That guy from Seinfeld? Steinbrenner? 

3)Audio: Clip from the 1983 installment of a film series, where the main character is known for the phrase “Go ahead, make my day”.
– I had just had a conversation with a co-worker about this movie, earlier in the day. Many teams answered with an older, more famous installment in the franchise.

I’m not sure what information was needed for this, but the film’s name was Sudden Impact, I think…

4)Which of the following magazines is no longer published monthly: Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Women’s Day or McCalls
– My wife was all over this one. Glad she was, as I only know that one of those is still published!

This wife would NOT be all over this one (#confessionsofanundomesticgoddess)

5)Harry Cooper was the inventor of what common item, originally used to close wounds during the Vietnam War
– Wild Bill’s song hint (Stuck in the Middle With You) made the difference between a 3pt wager and an 8pt wager.

Dissolving stitches? I don’t know the exact name. 

6)In the TV show Lost, Oceanic Flight 815 was flying into Los Angeles from what other city?
– My wife and I were huge fans of this show. Only TV question that could have been easier would be “who was the owner of the bar ‘Cheers’ when the series began?”

Sydney? Never watched the show. 

7)Name 1 of 2 current NHL franchises to never win a playoff series?
Bonus – name both
– A good guess got us both.


8)What German automaker is named in the Eagle’s song “Hotel California”?


9)What country is home to 6 of 11 officially recognized Trappist breweries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark or The Netherlands?


10)What board game has been marketed as the “Game of Sweet Revenge”?


Mystery: Before and After
1)1999 film starring Adam Sandler as Sonny Kofax and 2003 comedy starring Eddie Murphy?

Nope. I happen to know that the “wife” part of the duo that played this game would not miss an Adam Sandler question! I remember thanking her in a game I played with her for “Knowing about Adam Sandler movies so I don’t have to.” 

2)NYC venue famous for the Rockettes and duo that recorded “Rich Girl”

Radio city Music Hall & Oates. 

3)Disney Theme Park and video game franchise with episodes titled “Dream Drop Distance” and “Chain of Memories”

Walt Disney World of Mario? No fucking clue. 

4)Animated title character voiced by Michael J. Fox and the 3rd largest pizza chain in the US.
Missed #3 because of our lack of video game knowledge.

chicken Little Caesars? No idea. Gah, my guess was close!

A perfect main round and only missing the 3rd mystery round question, plus some “Wild Bill Bonus” points left us in 2nd place with 69 points, up 8 points on three teams tied for 3rd. 1st place was What the Shibboleth with 72 points.

Final Category – Populations.

After China and India, the next three most populous countries in Asia have Muslim majority populations. Name 2 of the 3.

Got one of the countries right off the bat. Thought about a second, correct answer, but chose against it as some of the islands of this country are considered geographically part of Oceania. Instead we went with the 4th most populous Islamic country in Asia… unfortunately it is the 9th most populous on the continent. Oops.

I’m guessing Indonesia and Iran…my husband would probably be a help here. 

Oh well, if we had to lose at least we lost to Shibboleth who was playing solo, as usual. Next Saturday, some members of MBLP will be joining forces with him and One is the Loneliest Number for a warm-up game of My Trivia Live before we had back to the MTL finals on January 23.

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