(STOLEN RECAP) Oct. 28, 2014 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of an October, 2014 game at Powell’s Pub as written by Scott on the More Beer Less Pants team. Funny, this game occurred only a week after the very first time my team played here, read a recap of our “maiden voyage” game here. The host was a bit “rude” to us when he learned that we were a Sporcle Live team (I may have been wearing a Sporcle hoodie with our team name on it). Which is PROOF that this host was rude/cold to us FROM DAY ONE. Yet we went on to win two trivia spots playing here in 2018 with this “rude” host (the things you do for trivia). Thankfully, a different host is on the mic now, which means we “might” be showing up here more!

My guesses for answers will be indicated in this color

October 28, 2014

A trio from MBLP returned to Powell’s Pub after the My Trivia Live bye week. Due to some poor wagers and second guessing ourselves, we finished the night with a rare 3rd place finish. Oh well, $10 is better than $0 I guess.

1)What is the name of the park that is home to Yogi Bear? Jellystone
2)What Hollywood movie rating replaced the X-rating? NC 17 (aka box office poison)
3)What supermarket chain in southern states has a mascot that looks like Porky Pig? Piggly wiggly my guess, which is correct, though it’s not just “southern” states (WI has some of these stores too). 
4)Who did Billie Jean King beat “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match? I know this one, but would need help with Brad on last name (My first guess was Briggs, not Riggs – he would check me on that). Bobby Briggs is a Twin Peaks character, LOL! 


Bobby Briggs on Twin Peaks. One of Laura Palmer’s many boyfriends (he happened to keep her ‘plied with coke).

5)What rock band resurrected Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” for a 1991 album? Guns ‘n roses
6)What US president ran for office on the slogan, “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”? Herbert Hoover
7)Bonus – Who was the 2nd US president to be assassinated? James Garfield
8)Before what 1954 movie was the following disclaimer made: “There has never been a mutiny in the US Navy.”? Ugh…no idea. Brad “might” know this, his daddy was in the Navy, so he’s usually our “go to” man with all naval stuff, LOL
9)What subject did Ross teach at NYU on the show Friends? I’m guessing archaeology. Nope, but my guess was close…
10)In what musical will you find the character Professor Harold Hill?
… Musicals… when will we ever remember to study musicals?!?

The Music Man

Halftime – Name 4 of the 5 most populous countries in Africa

Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia are my guesses, so I missed one. I would guess Mike/Brad being in our “mix” would allow us to get all of these.

11)Newsletter – In what state is Bruce Lee buried: California, Washington, Ohio or Nevada? I’m guessing California, no idea. Nope. 
12)“I came, I saw, I conquered” was said by Julius Ceasar after conquering Zela, a city in what modern country that spans Europe and Asia? My guess would be Turkey, but Mike and Brad more knowledgeable with this stuff…my guess correct. 
13)What word did censors ban from I Love Lucy, during the 1952-53 season? Oooh, no idea…Reallly? THAT word? Wow…
14) According to their advertising, what alcohol brand (must be specific) is “So smooth it shatters expectations”? I’m guessing Grey Goose. Nope. 
15)The only perfect, post-season game in MLB history was pitched by Don Larson in the 1956 World Series. What team did he defeat? Not my category…Don’t think anyone on my team would know this, but if anyone did, it would be Brad. 
16)In the 1993 film, Demolition Man, what was the only fast food chain left on Earth?
-Luckily for us, this question was thrown out because some drunks yelled out the answer.

Taco Bell

We did not know it. That led to this question – which just happened to be on Jeopardy last week.
17)Which of Henry VIII’s wives was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I? I’m guessing Jane Seymour. Nope, I like the previous question better!
18)Who led the Million Man March on Washington, DC. in 1995? Jesse Jackson? No idea. Nope. 
19)What US state has had the most nuclear bomb tests? I’m guessing one of those “litter box” states…New Mexico? I think this guess is wrong, but could not confirm which state correct. 
20)How many marbles does each player get to begin a game of Chinese Checkers?
-Who still plays this game? We were hard pressed to remember the last time any of us had played, if ever.

Not a fucking clue. Jesus, I’ve lost my marbles (LOL)!

Final – Music
What was the first all female group to have a #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart?

We second guessed ourselves and missed it, getting leapfrogged by two teams below us. Luckily for us, the two teams ahead of us wagered big and got it wrong, so we stayed comfortably in 3rd. Hopefully we will get these problems out of the way before the MTL tournament in a couple of weeks.

I’m guessing Destiny’s Child (I am so terrible with these kinds of questions). Which I think is probably wrong. Could not confirm which answer is correct. 

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