(STOLEN RECAP) – April 26, 2014 – Unknown Location (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a 2014 game written by the team More Beer Less Pants (location not specified). It appears they logged a perfect score in this game (woo hoo, that is a difficult thing to do in this league)! I’m going to “play along” and see how I do on these questions. My guesses for answers will be denoted in this color. 


Thank you to The Moops for loaning us one of their many quality players. MBLP scored only their 2nd perfect MTL game tonight… with only 3 players. It was nice being on the receiving end of the “CHEATERS!” yell when the scores were read. Looking forward to our chances tomorrow in the Semis!

Tonight’s recap:
Round 1
1) Comic Strips – In the Peanuts comic strip, how much did Lucy charge for her psychiatric help? 5 cents
2) Celebrities – Born in 1929, who was known for years as “America’s Oldest Teenager”? Dick Clark
3) Sports – What New York Yankee Hall of Famer was known as the “Iron Horse”? Not my category, but my incorrect guess was Joe DiMaggio

Round 2
1) Populations – What is the most populous city in California after Los Angeles? My guess is San Diego (let’s consult the Google) yep!
2) Music – What singer’s autobiography was entitled “Coal Miner’s Daughter”? Loretta Lynn
3) Colleges – Within one, how many Ivy League schools are there? My initial guess of 7 would have satisfied the criteria for this. Dang, missed University of Pennsylvania in my list!
4) Colleges (bonus) – Which Ivy League school is in New Hampshire? Dartmouth (ivy league schools is a topic I’ve studied for trivia)

Round 3
1) Companies – Which American film company was founded by four brothers in 1912? Warner Brothers? Google says no (not correct year), I was unable to find correct answer with a cursory internet search. 
2) TV – On “Saved by the Bell”, what was Screech’s first name (character’s name, not actor)? Ugh, no idea…
3) Team Nicknames – How many NFL teams are named after big cats? Lions, jaguars, panthers (oh my)? Bengals…I’m gonna guess four (let’s see if I’m right). YESS!

Halftime – Movies
Given the year and actor, name the movie for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor
1) 2003 – Tim Robbins Mystic River
2) 1996 – Cuba Gooding, Jr. Jerry Maguire
3) 1997 – Robin Williams Good Will Hunting
4) 1992 – Gene Hackman Unforgiven

Round 4
1) Fox (Newsletter) – What is a group of foxes called? Newsletter answer, so “gimme.”
2) Celebrations – After how many years together do couples celebrate their diamond anniversary? I’m guessing 50 (I am shitty at these kinds of questions…) Nope. 
3) Historical Figures – Who was a Knight of the Round Table and the son of Lancelot? I used a “lifeline” here from my nerdy husband, he says Galahad…yep! Hey…it’s NOT cheating! 99 percent of the time, he is at my side in trivia games, anyway!

Round 5
1) Politics – Who was elected President of Poland in 1990? Not my category, but chances are Mike or Brad “might” know this…(though I’m guessing they probably would not). 
2) European History – In what year did D-Day take place? (yes, this was a question) Really? No way would Mike, Brad and I miss this…
3) Movie Lines – From what 1964 movie do we get the line: “Gentleman, you can’t fight in here! THIS is the war room!”? Dr. Strangelove, which makes me think of the Depeche Mode song Strangelove, which has some kinky lyrics…”Will you take the pain…I will give to you…again and again…and will you return it? 

Round 6
1) Authors – Which Bronte sister wrote Jane Eyre? My first thought was Emily, but since I’m always wrong on these, I’m guessing Charlotte instead…yay not wrong this time! I really do need to come up with some “trick” for remembering these silly Bronte factoids…
2) Sports – What did Ron Artest change his name to, in 2011 (be specific)? What? who’s this? No idea, not my category.
3) TV – In which city did the TV show “Frasier” take place? Seattle

Final – Music
What artist or group is tied with Michael Jackson for the most Grammys won in one night, with eight? I’m guessing Carlos Santana. YES! This is something I actually “studied” for the recent ’90s music trivia night (and of COURSE it was not asked about). This is actually quite funny that I knew this, because I just don’t have a head for Grammy or Emmy winners. 

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