(STOLEN RECAP) – July 29, 2015 – Johnny’s Grill (MBLP)

Editor’s note: A recap of a July, 2015 game by More Beer Less Pants, though they “stole” the recap from a Toledo team. So I guess you could say this recap is “twice stolen!” My team played at this bar, Johnny’s Grill, for the first time in September, 2015. I had a rare opportunity to “sneak out” for a solo game, and that wound up being my first “solo trivia flight.” I was only able to stay for one game. Me/my team would wind up making this an “occasional” trivia spot for the next 2-3 years or so, a different host is on the mic here these days, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been out here since May, 2018. You can read about my first solo game here.

My guesses for answers will be denoted in this color. 

July 29, 2015

As the Stranger in The Big Lebowski said, “Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.”. Last night our core trio experienced that playing Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Johnny’s Grill. It was our worst performance in a loooong time, but judging by the scoreboard we weren’t the only ones to get eaten by that bear.

Game One – Thanks to Brian Williams Reporting Live for typing up the question set.

1. Food: By what Hawaiian name do we call the Polynesian dish of cooked taro root that is mashed into a paste and then fermented? poi

2. Animals: Physically resembling an eel, what fish uses its toothed funnel-like sucking mouth to attach to larger fish like sharks?
– This one hurt, a lot. We discussed two answers; both are fish that attach to sharks with sucking mouths. One just happens to look more like an eel than the other. This smells of a MTL question to us….

My guess is lamprey.

3. NHL Logos: What NHL team sported a short lived fisherman logo in the mid 1990s which was highly criticized by fans as a ripoff of a fish sticks logo?
– Not a good stretch for us. Missed for low points since we each came up with a different possible answer.

Not my category, Brad might know this…

4. Celebrity Spokesmen: Which cell phone service provider currently uses David Beckham in their commercials? God I don’t remember THAT far back, LOL. And he is a schill for lots of stuff.

5. Kids TV: What children’s TV series featured characters such as Captain Carl, Miss Yvonne, Reba the Maillady, and the King of Cartoons?
Bonus: Who sang the theme song for this show?
– Missed the bonus, knew it was a female singer but went the late 80’s route instead.

Pee Wee’s Playhouse, don’t know the bonus.

6. Rivers: The Shenandoah River in Virginia is the principal tributary of what other river? James River.

7. #1 Songs: Ray Charles in 1960 and Gladys Knight and the Pips in 1973 each had a #1 song that contained the name of what US state in the titles?
– A Toledo venue was offered a bonus to name both songs. We could have used any extra points offered!


8. Political Candidates: Under what party did H. Ross Perot run for president in 1996?
– We were the only team to get this right, but I think we were also the only team old enough to vote in 1996.

Reform. Most players on my team older than players on MBLP team! Except Dave and Evan…

9. Villains: What Batman villain is known to the French as “Le Sphinx?”
– Nope. We were stuck on the visual look of a Sphinx, not the mythology.

Nicely played, Sporcle…

10. Cars: Also a model of a Nissan SUV, what is the Spanish and Portuguese word for navy or fleet?

Armada, though I did not know until just now that it’s a Nissan model.

Mystery Round: Movie Title Containing Days of the Week
1. 1999 – Al Pacino Any Given Sunday
2. 1977 – John Travolta Saturday Night Fever
3. 2003 – Lindsay Lohan Freaky Friday
4. 2008 – Tracy Morgan Nope…

Missed #4. Still not sure we’ve ever heard of that one.

Heading into the final:
MBLP was sitting in first, lucky to have gotten 55 points. You’re Killing Me Smalls was in 2nd with 53 and third place had 28… yes TWENTY-EIGHT. Funny story about third place; They are the team that likes to sit at the end of the bar. We got there early enough to set up next to them at the end of the bar. They decided to move closer to the host once they realized we were playing. Funny how they ended up with nearly half as many points as the top 2 teams. We heard their ringer was out, but we’re thinking it was something else…

Final Category: 1970s TV
Final Question: For five straight years, from 1971 to 1975, two actors from the same show were nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Name that show.

This show just was not on our radar. We went with another popular and critically acclaimed comedy of the early 70’s. We just didn’t remember that the two prominent male characters would be considered supporting actors. Oops.

Emmys (bangs head against table, shakes fist)! This is DEFINITELY a MTL question!

Congrats to Smalls for being the only team to get it right and taking the top spot with 56 points. We dropped to 2nd with 36.

Game Two
1. Economic Terms: What fairy tale name describes an economy that is growing neither too quickly nor too slowly, but at just the right pace?
– Got it for low points. We had heard of this term, but not in an economics sense.


2. Asia: After Russia and China, what is the third largest country in Asia in terms of land area?
– Got it again for low points. Torn between central and south Asian countries, either of which could be correct.

This would be one of those questions we’d have to discuss…on my own, I would’ve failed this.

3. Retail: What American retail company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BIG?
– Pulled this one out at the last second, when one of our players realized that the question was about general retail companies and not just clothing retailers.

Big Lots was my guess. I still have a gift card for that place in my wallet, from having returned a useless “chotckie” given to us by a clueless, yet well meaning aunt…it has $10.60 on it.

4. Genetics: What does the M stand for in the acronym MRNA, a molecule that carries codes from the nucleus to the ribosomes?
– Turned this one in too quickly. Should have thought more about the wording of the question. Lost 9.

I’d have to defer to the team’s “scientists” for this one.

5. Women in Sports: What was Martina Navratilova’s country of birth?
Bonus: within 2, in what year did Navratilova win her last singles title at Wimbledon?
– We got both.

Czechoslovakia. I would guess 1989 for the year (nope). 

6. Audio: Name the popular video game based on the theme music.
– Nope. When we play games on our phones, we tend to turn down the volume so the boss doesn’t hear!

Uh, I can’t play along with this one…

6b. Toledo had a substitute question in place of the Audio: In which tragedy is jealousy described as a “green-eyed monster?”

My guess is Othello.

7. Food: Which US state is the largest producer of maple syrup?

My guess is Vermont. 

8. Actresses: Which actress has appeared in Varsity Blues, Road Trip, The Butterfly Effect, and Just Friends?

Was it that one who died…and was also in Clueless? Nope, not here…I GOT it! Amy Smart. Pulled that one from my ass!

9. Flowers: Although it can come in a variety of colors, what flower’s name is derived from the Greek words for “gold” and “flower” and represents the imperial family of Japan?
– Got it based on a player’s vague recollection that this flower is popular in Japan.

I would guess lotus which I don’t think is right. 

Toledo got another substitute question because no one got the previous question:

9b. Backing Bands: What is the name of the band that backs up bluegrass singer Alison Krauss?

No idea here.

10. Historical Battles: During what war did the Battle of Frenchtown occur in which British and Native American soldiers joined forces to fight the Americans?
– I sense this question was a gimme for most SE Michigan and NW Ohio teams, since Frenchtown Township sits between Detroit and Toledo.

I would guess Battle of 1812. 

Visual: URL no longer functional.

Even though it was an elements round, we got them all. You’re not going to get us every time Sporcle Live!

Heading into the final:
MBLP leading the pack with another mediocre game at 52, Slick Rock 44, Smalls 34.

Final Category: NFL Players
Final Question: The NFL Top 100 Players of 2015 is a list as chosen by fellow players based on the performances of the previous season and their belief of how the players will perform in the coming season. Of the top 10, 6 of the players are not quarterbacks. Name 3.

This is another miserable list question. Our knowledge of the NFL is quite robust and probably cost us in the end. We would have done better if we had just picked the most popular players and not thought about actual stats. Ugh. No one got it and we wound up in a tie with Slick Rock for first, since we wagered just enough to win and they picked a random number.

Not it…would not have a clue on this.

Tie Breaker – How old was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he died?

He was born in 1756 and died in 1791 and his birthday was in January, unsure what month he died… I’m going to say 36. Nope…off by 1, but I’m willing to BET had I been in that tiebreaker I would have won! Dead celebrities are kind of a “pet” topic for me, after all (I also wrote a report on the guy in middle school). I did the report so I could get out of doing something in my seventh grade class which I found far more abhorrent…and that was…going up in front of the whole class and “lip synching” to a popular song. I was TERRIFIED to do such a thing! Burying my nose into books and writing a report was far preferable to that!

We were off by 4, Slick Rock was off by 2. So two 2nd place finishes for us.

When the dust settled, we were sitting flat on our backs in 2nd place overall for the night… for the first time this season. 2 points really do matter in this game. Oh well, we still increased our lead over Slick Rock, even though Smalls gained some ground on us.

Time to regroup and get back on track for next week.

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