(STOLEN RECAP) – Aug. 17, 2014 – Unknown Location – Tournament Game (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap written by the More Beer Less Pants trivia team. My guesses for the answers will be denoted in this color

August 17, 2014

In the words of Ricky Bobby (or was it his dad?), if you ain’t first, you’re last. A 5th place finish isn’t exactly last, but it was out of the money spots, so we were a bit disappointed. However, we were able to finish higher than a short-handed group from The Moops, so I guess you have to take the little victories where you can. 

Now on to the questions. These are mostly paraphrased, since many of the questions seemed to be rather wordy.

Round 1
1)Who said in a 2001 interview, when asked if heaven was real and what they would hoped God would say upon entering the pearly gates, “The concert begins at 5. It’ll be Mozart, Elvis, and anyone of your choosing. Only to hear God say, ‘Two Jews walk into a bar..’”
– see what I’m saying about wordy questions?!?

Huh? No fucking clue. 

2)If you put all of the US presidents in alphabetical order by last name, what president would come first and which would be last? First and last name required.

John Adams and Woodrow Wilson. 

3)Under normal circumstances, what is the maximum number of times a standard 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper can be folded in half? Funny, I bring paper to games, so I’d be able to “cheat” to get this one…

Three questions down, full points…. Then things started to get weird.

Round 2
4)What is the name of the song that appears on the “Devil’s Rejects” soundtrack and is also used in the Geico “Motorcycle-moneyman” commercial?
-Nope, no idea even though we had all seen the commercial before. MTL questions tend to skew to an older crowd, so quite a few teams got this one right, although a few went with a different song from the same era with a slightly different title.

No clue. 

5)What company was Thomas Watson, Sr. the leader of when he said in the 1950’s, “I think there is a world market for five computers”?
-Got it, but with a softball like this, we weren’t making up any ground.

IBM my guess.

6)What is the name of the advanced step in innovative mobility humanoid robot, developed by Honda in 2000?
-This one hurt a bit. We almost had it, but added a letter to the name. At the first break, it was good to hear a number of people complaining that they did the same thing.

Round 3
7)If you are showing off your cascade, fountain, and shower pattern skills, what are you doing?
– Had the right answer listed among our choice, picked the wrong one.

Unsure what they even WANT with this  one.

8)What 1982 horror film and sequels are rumored to have been cursed because of the subsequent number of cast deaths shortly after filming?
– Yep, older crowd playing. Not going to have many miss this one.

They’re Here!

9)What country produces 70-80% of the world’s emeralds?
– This was the low point of the tournament for us. We knew the continent and region, but had a 1 in 3 chance of picking the right answer. Which we did not. 

No idea.

Halftime – Everyday Things
Match 4 of the 6 following words with the everyday item described. All are real words, but only 4 match the items listed.
Choices: Aglet, Muntin, Zarf, Barm, Philtrum
a)The plastic thing at the end of shoelaces
b)Prongs on a fork
c)Head of foam on a beer
-We feel shame for missing this one.
d)Cardboard thing used to keep you from burning your hand on a cup of coffee.

Only one I know is “aglet,” though “philtrum” sounds really, really familiar.

Went 2 out of 4 in the halftime game. According to Rob from The Moops, these are common crossword puzzle words. Guess we need to start doing crosswords.

We were sitting just about smack dab in the middle of the pack at this point, with 23 points. First had 35.

Round 4
10)On the TV show Friends, what was the name of the “off the block” guy that dated Monica and was stuck in the past because he only talked about high school days and (some other frivolous information that had nothing to do with the question, so I didn’t write it down).
– Yes, they did emphasize that “off the block” was in quotes when reading this question. Really? Don’t ask a question about an obscure one-time character from a show that went off over a decade ago, if you’re going to have to put a huge clue like that in the question!

Aside from the character/actor names, I know like…maybe 5 things about this series. this is not one of those things.

11)What BASKETBALL team did MLB Hall of Fame pitchers Bob Gibson and Fergie Jenkins play for? Not my category. But is bob related to Kirk? 

12)What company’s mission statement says “To help everyone discover, preserve and share their family history”?
-I’m guessing this was one of a few “social drink” questions of the day. Note to question writers out there: A question that everyone will get right should NEVER be used in a money-winning tournament.

Back on the right track. 3 for 3.

Ancestry dot com my guess. 

Round 5
13) In the fable Chicken Little, what fell on her head, causing her to think that the sky was falling? I asked husband for a “lifeline” and he said “acorn.” 


14)What city was the home to the first Hard Rock café, opening in 1971? I’m guessing San Francisco. Nope…

15)What Ian McEwan novel became a feature film starring Keira Knightly and James McAvoy?

2 out of 3 for that round. Not going to say which one we dropped…. We feel shame.

Atonement (though I’ve never watched it). 

Round 6
16)If you are traveling through the MacArthur or Poe locks, what are you traveling through?
– Had it down as a choice, but went against it since those of us that have been to this place have never heard it called that.

No idea.

17) What famous scientist said, “Science without religion is blind. Religion without science is lame”?
– This is actually an inaccurate quote, it should be flipped. But does it really matter? As one member of our team said, “It isn’t going to be Oppenheimer”. Another potential “social” moment. Bah!


18) What 1965 hit song contains the following lyric: “New there’s no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you and now you’re starting to criticize the things that I do.”
– This was a team effort. One person remembered that there had been a lyric question about this song a few weeks back. Another remembered that it was from about that time period, and the others worked to get it to fit into the melody.

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling….(which I’ve sung in the shower before, LOL). 

Going into the final, we had made up a little ground. We were tied for 7th place, but were still 14 points behind the leaders, “We Should be doing better” aka “the Umpires Strike Back”.

Final – Candy
What candy, first introduced in 1920 and still produced today, is named after a berry-like date and comes in flavors such as lime, lemon, violet, wild cherry and lilac?

What the hell kind of candy comes in flavors like lilac and violet? One that a member of our team had sold at his store for many years, and he remembers that it had some really odd flavors. All in for us!

That helped us pass 4 teams (there were a few ties before the final) and end up in 5th. A little disappointed that we didn’t finish in the money places, but I guess we’ll just have to step up our game for the next tournament in a couple of months.

No clue on on this one (I’ve worked in a store, too – just not THIS kind of store)! I could not even track the answer to this one online. 

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