A Silly Blog About Weather…And Dogs!

Well, we weren’t lucky enough to have one of “those” winters with hardly any snow and mostly mild temperatures. This winter is shaping up to be one of those winters that reminds you of its…badassery – at least once a week! Snowstorms, ice storms, bone-chilling wind chills – which have caused vehicle accidents, power outages and prompted countless school closings. I’ve had to miss a couple of shifts at work because of roads not being cleared in my neighborhood on time for me to drive to work.

As I type this, I’m hearing winds howling outside…30 mile per hour winds, per the Weather Channel’s reckoning. The trees are swaying – my fingers are crossed that they won’t be swaying into any power lines. Speaking of, we got a letter from our electric company Friday stating that they’ve been sending crews out to work on power lines. Folks in my ‘hood have had quite a few annoying (though usually brief) power outages over the past several months – most of which occur without any apparent reason. I saw proof of this while I was driving home from work on Thursday – numerous DTE trucks and other private contractor trucks were parked along Geddes Road, and cherry pickers were…a pickin’! Anyone else wish they had their own “cherry picker?” What great photos I could get (I’m SO adventurous, LOL)! And…I could use it while filming my own movie!


Two questions – what would YOU do if you had your very own cherry picker? Two, was there a Transformer that was a cherry picker?

My cell phone tells me that I’ve placed three calls to DTE since the latter part of November (the most recent call was Wednesday, Feb. 20). I’m presuming those calls were NOT me calling to chit-chat or tell them what a bang-up job they were doing! I got a new phone just before Thanksgiving, so I don’t know about any calls I made before that. In all cases, the power outages were brief – and did not seem to have any apparent “reasons” for happening. There was also one that happened in the middle of the night, which I only know about because the stove clock was blinking “12:00” the next morning.

All of this said…I think I’ll just stay indoors today! I’ve went out for walks the past six consecutive days (two of them were “mall walks”), and I’ve logged a whopping six hours of walking time since Monday! My most recent walk was at Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park with my husband.


This footbridge connects a couple of islands in the Huron River at Gallup Park, which are kept closed off to pedestrians, because they are nesting areas for birds.

Sadly, I didn’t see any squirrels capering around outside! The river was flowing freely around the dam area, and was partially open in most other sections. People were definitely out enjoying the weather – walking, riding bikes, jogging – and being annoying AF with their dogs! Reminds me of a funny quote a friend said about dogs a while back:

I like dogs. I just don’t like other people’s dogs.

Let’s see – what are some stupid things people do with their dogs? Keep unruly dogs off leash, let their dogs dictate the walk, block the whole path, and of course the piece de resistance – not clean up their shit. I just LOVE it when people tell you their dogs are just “being friendly” when they run up to you and start sniffing you…or worse.

In October, 2017, I was camping at Higgins Lake State Park and was walking to the bathroom in the morning when a little rat dog…accosted me. The little beast actually took a nip at my leg while I was walking! Keep in mind dogs are supposed to be ON A SIX FOOT LEASH AT ALL TIMES in Michigan’s state parks. Needless to say, I had some….words for the “owners” of the dog. I use the word “owners” lightly – as it was fairly obvious that in this family, the dog was in charge. However, I had no further problems with the little mongrel.

You really can’t blame the dogs. It’s the PEOPLE who are supposed to train them and keep them under control. Our neighbor, Susan, used to have a West Highland Terrier (commonly nicknamed “Westie”) until the dog died about three years ago. Susan would frequently tie “Dolly” to a leash out front and let her bark her fool head off. But that wasn’t the worst of it – she would also verbally “order” Dolly to “go potty.” Now tell me…when do animals ever “go potty” on command (let alone humans)? Videos or it didn’t happen! Too bad Letterman isn’t on TV anymore – that would be a “stupid pet trick” I’d LOVE to see!


Amazing how I managed to survive living with cats – and cat allergies! I was pretty much constantly sniffling, wheezing when I was growing up. After moving away from home and going to college, I would practically DIE when I came back home to visit  – and would have to stay doped up on Benadryl.  I outgrew asthma when I was in my 20s. Nowadays, I take Claritin when visiting my brother – or in-laws – which keeps my allergy symptoms at bay. Stupid ironic immune system!

As this old photo proves, I’m much more of a “cat person” than a “dog person.” Though at present, I don’t own any pets (and am breathing quite well)!


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