Onions Have Layers, Delicious Dips Have Layers…And On Today’s Walk? So Did I!

It’s been a bit of a “lazy” blog day today. It’s not because I’ve been busy with work (I had today off), but I’ve been busy with another kind of “work” – and that is attempting to stuff as much Star Trek knowledge into my brain before Thursday’s theme trivia night!

Visual Instrument (and) Sensory Organ Replacement…that’s what VISOR stands for (i.e. that thing the Reading Rainbow guy on Star Trek: The Next Generation wears so he can read books to kids when he’s not on duty). I’ve gotta feeling that the trivia gods WILL be asking about this topic! Or at least about what one – or two letters – in this word stand for!


LeVar Burton as Lt. Commander Geordi LeForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Despite all of my physical laziness today while trying to get a cranial “workout,” I managed to get out for my afternoon “constitutional.” And I think Tom Jones may have been trying to tell me something! The first track that played randomly today was You Can Leave Your Hat On performed by Tom Jones. When I stepped outside, I saw that it was “drizzly.” So I went back inside and put on a “strategic” outfit. I already had a moisture-wicking long sleeve shirt on, and thought my soft shell jacket would be OK to wear on top of that. Nope! I changed into my “electric mango” colored hoodie, and put on my old Marmot rain jacket on top of that. I’ve had this rain jacket since 2006, and though it needs another wash-in rain repelling treatment, it’s still pretty serviceable when weather is nasty! And it even has “pit zips.” What are those? Exactly what you’d think they are – zippers…in the armpits! You might not think you need a feature like this on a jacket – until you’re out exerting yourself in the elements! Let’s just say it’s good to keep things “ventilated” – and leave it at that. Those “pit zips” were fully open today, which helped regulate my temperature quite well.


Today’s “layering” system. If memory serves, I think the color listed for this Marmot rain jacket was “fog.” I could’ve bought a more flashy color, but I was a cheapskate and picked the one that was on “clearance.”  Marmot products are generally pretty generous with the sleeve lengths, even on their womens’ styles, which is why I own a few Marmot products! Plus, if anything goes wrong, you can send it back – and they’ll either fix it – or replace it. At least they USED to (have not checked their policies as of late). I sent back a fleece jacket with a broken zipper about 12 years ago or so, and they sent it back to me with a new zipper!

Today’s walk was about three miles and took about 45 minutes. Aside from Tom Jones telling me to “leave my hat on,” I also had New Order telling me this in the song True Faith:

I feel so extraordinary
Something’s got a hold on me
I get this feeling I’m in motion
A sudden sense of liberty

Rather than list all of the songs that played today, I’ll just note that Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks and Beastie Boys’ Rhymin’ and Stealin’ played back to back! Which is significant because the Beastie Boys song samples When The Levee Breaks. Now I’m CONVINCED my mp3 player is gaining sentience. As soon as I hear it say “I am” instead of playing a song, then I’ll know the ‘bots are taking over the planet!


The default mode for all robots!

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