Update On Our “Rogue” Trivia Shenanigans…(Feb. 16, 2019)

Our trivial pursuits as of late have been a bit…sporadic! Around the beginning of the year, we were SO sure that Tuesday was going to be our trivia night, then it looked like Thursdays were going to be the best trivia nights…which brings us to…(ahem) – this will sound much, much better coming out of the melodic voices boxes of the singers from the Mamas and the Papas:

Monday, Monday…


Who OK’d this cover art? It’s grammatically incorrect! There should not be apostrophes in “mamas” and “papas” unless referring to possessives, like, for example, “Mama’s little helpers are in the medicine cabinet,” and “Papa’s girlfriend came over earlier, Mama.” All of that aside, what about a caption contest? “Everyone pile on top of Mama Cass in the tub!”

I’ve been having quite a few Tuesdays off lately because of a change in truck delivery schedules at work. And it looks like all of those Fridays I was having off might be coming to an end soon. I have a Friday shift scheduled week after next. I don’t know if this is a one-off thing or not, but this might mean a temporary move to… Monday trivia nights! Hey…life happens! But this doesn’t mean trivial pursuits ever come to a stop with my team. With us not being in tournament contention in any trivia league, we can fly by the seats of our pants a bit. And I’ve been really, really enjoying the “flexibility!”

Last Wednesday, when the trivia host said something about “Only sixteen more weeks to go this season” I was actually RELIEVED that we’re not in the running. I can only imagine how a 21-week Sporcle Live season – the same trivia spot week after week –  would wear on me – and MTL’s 18-week season? I said a while back that my team was a bit “commitment phobic” and that… wasn’t a lie.

Occasional Monday trivia nights might work out well. Our “favorite” bar does live music nights on Monday which usually really suck (IMHO). Which is kind of how our Monday trivia nights got started a few years ago!

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