….”But I Want To Squeeze In Another Walk Before Dark!”

Today didn’t quite work out the way my husband and I “planned” for it to go. Weather was a bit too glum for us to take a drive out to a nice park for a walk, and I got extra hours added to my Sunday shift (which is making me really, really grumpy…grrr)! Yeah, yeah, I need the extra  hours…I just don’t want them ON A SUNDAY! I haven’t worked any Sunday shifts since December, so I guess I won’t get too whiny about this.

So we decided to “close the books” on a trivia spot and use up our leftover trivia prize winnings on…lunch! So we took a walk from a parking lot in Ypsilanti’s “Depot Town” and walked to Tower Inn and back, which was a 1.6 mile round trip. Then we went to the library to return and pick up some DVDs…and came back home (gee our lives our so exciting, aren’t they?) I felt like I wanted a bit more of a walk, so I was a little…antsy! I guess it’s a good sign when you enjoy your exercise routine so much that you get the “shakes” when you don’t get quite enough! JK – I didn’t really get the “shakes” – but that 1.6 miles just didn’t feel like…enough.

So today’s walk had a…sequel! Which brought my total miles today to 5.3! I didn’t really “time” the walk I took to Tower Inn and back (since that was pretty much just a “stroll”), but the “sequel” was 3.7 miles and took 53 minutes. Yay! I wanted to get that walk done in under 60 minutes. I think breaking up my walks into two separate walks was actually a good thing! This essentially turned the first walk into a “warmup walk,” which made me really step things up in the “sequel.” Knowing that I’m probably not taking a walk on Sunday was also an extra motivator to get some steps in today.

Sorry, no photos of today’s walk (didn’t bring the camera)! I will, however, share a photo from Friday’s walk that I haven’t posted yet:


Me on Sweet Road in Ypsilanti Township. Today’s temperature during my walking time was 27, as displayed on a local church sign (minimal wind chills today).

Let’s see if I can remember today’s “jams” – all picked randomly and played on my mp3 player:

  1. Mysterious Ways, U2
  2. Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel
  3. Behind the Wheel (remix), Depeche Mode
  4. National Anthem, Radiohead
  5. Staying Alive, The Bee Gees
  6. Come With Me, Puff Daddy (including sample of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin)
  7. Miss You, Rolling Stones
  8. The Tide Is High, Blondie

I know there has to be a missing track or two. These are all I can think of!


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